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Our Houston Dog Boarding Services Are Open and Available 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and Texas re-opens, our climate-controlled Houston dog boarding facility has been deemed an essential business and remains open to help you! While you head back into the office, your dog has probably grown accustomed to your presence. Your return to work can make this a lonely time for them.

Whether you’re leaving behind a puppy or an adult dog, having them stay home alone can be one of the hardest things any pet owner does. At our Houston dog boarding facility, we understand how important socialization is for dogs. Just as you don’t want them to be alone all day, neither do they.

Deemed an essential business, Dogtopia’s Houston dog boarding and daycare services are open and available for curbside drop-off and pick-up. Take advantage of our pet boarding and dog daycare so that your furry family member feels like they are at a pet resort. Our highly trained staff works to ensure that all our guests receive the pet care they need.

Simply use the app to schedule your times and adhere to social distancing protocols. Moreover, we are offering discounts to all healthcare professionals, first responders, and the military to show our support in these challenging times.


Houston Dog Boarding + Daycare During COVID-19

Throughout this time, people have wondered whether the virus can spread between pets and pet owners. For residents of Houston, dog boarding may seem risky or unsafe. In truth, you likely have nothing to worry about.

The short answer is no, you will not contract the coronavirus from your family pet. These viruses occur in almost every species of animal, including humans. However, they tend to be very specific to individual species, and cross-species transmission is not common.

If you’re looking for a more complicated answer, here’s something to consider. These viruses have adapted by mutation over tens of thousands of years to every species of animal. They only cause disease in the animals they adapt to and tend to remain in that species. Their genetic form also remains the same as it was to adapt to their hosts.

While coronaviruses are able to jump from one host to another, it is a slow process that requires significant genetic change. There has been no evidence to show that coronaviruses of pets have entered humans or vice versa.

However, this does not rule out a future adaptation. Typically, if a virus like this adapts to humans, it will then no longer be a cat or dog virus. It will be a human virus. The same is true of a coronavirus that changes hosts from humans to another species.


Dog Boarding in Houston 

At our Houston dog boarding facility, we are committed to a thoughtful approach to caring for dogs. We developed our care concepts around interaction and socialization because we understand how important these factors are in a dog’s life and development. During their stay at our Houston dog boarding facility, we want to help your puppy or adult dog grow. That’s why we work with them to become a happier, better-behaved member of your family and a better canine citizen.

Don’t forget: we are currently offering discounts to healthcare professionals, first responders, and military to show support just as all of you have shown support to us!