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4.9 Star Rating - 214 reviews

73 King St. W., Unit 102, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1X2
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226-317-0628[email protected]


4.9 Star Rating - 214 reviews

73 King St. W., Unit 102, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1X2
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226-317-0628[email protected]

Dogtopia of Kitchener

Dogtopia Kitchener is a family owned business and the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding, training and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

We understand that your dog is a member of the family. You want to provide your dog with safe socialization so that they meet and play with like-minded friends, exercise to keep them healthy and extend their lives and education to help ensure they are well-behaved both at home and when you take them out in public. Dogtopia’s daycare is designed with these needs in mind. Your dog’s safety is our top priority; that’s why our team’s training is certified by two nationally recognized associations in canine behavior. Our play rooms are supervised by these certified Canine Coaches, and your dog will be in a playroom where he or she is surrounded by dogs of similar size, temperament and play style as well as those who are fully vaccinated and have passed our Dogtopia evaluation. Your dog will be in very capable hands during their time with us!


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Mon 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
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Fri 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Sat 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun Closed

Labour Day - Sept 6. CLOSED

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    We chase the absolute highest standards of safety in everything we do! Our goal is to make sure all pups in our care are happy, safe and comfortable.

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    Our webcams let you check in on your pup from any desktop or mobile device. Have peace of mind their safe and comfortable while you’re away.

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    Resource Guide


    We realize that your dog is a furry member of your family and they deserve the highest level of care. That’s why we offer expert advice and tips on a wide range of topics related to dog behavior, health, safety and more!

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Dog of the Week

For the week of 09-20-2021

Name: Molly
Age: 1 year 5 months
Breed: Dachshund
Favorite Activities: ruling the Toybox, making sure everyone is behaving themselves
Friends: Lady Di and Nova and all the Dogtopia staff
Most Lovable Qualities: Loves to observe and get in to play when needed. Keeps all the pups on their best behaviour and loves socializing with the coaches!


Dogs thrive in a structured environment where they can socialize with others, learn new things, stay active and have fun. Our daycare provides pet parents with more than just a place to leave their dog for the day. They will learn valuable skills, including how to behave around humans and other dogs.

Our 6000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility comes with three spacious, supervised playrooms in which dogs are placed according to their size, temperament and play style to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pup.

We offer an off-leash, open-play environment, allowing your pup total freedom. We provide your dog with half-day or full-day of daycare. If your pup needs a spa day, we also offer spa services as a part of our daycare and boarding packages. When you pick up your dog at the end of the day, you’ll pick up a perfectly happy and played out pup.

Our services include:

Dogtopia of Kitchener has earned certification status as a Heroes for Healthy PetsTM facility. The Heroes for Healthy PetsTM

Certification  Program in Infectious Disease Management provides training for preventative care, including strategic vaccination, and cleaning and disinfection protocols to help maintain disease-free facilities and keep pets healthy.

The program is co-sponsored by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America, Pet Sitters International, VETgirl, and Barkleigh Productions.


We’ve taken every precaution when it comes to the design of our facility in Kitchener

Opened in July 2020, our 6000-square foot two-level facility has three huge indoor playrooms (the Toybox, the Romper, and the Gym) as well as six suites for boarding and rest time.

All of our spacious indoor playrooms use climate-controlled HVAC systems to keep your pup the perfect temperature during play time and nap time, and to help keep the air fresh and clean. We circulate fresh air through out the facility and clean the air using Ultra-Violet C air cleaning systems as well.

We deep clean and sanitize the playrooms at least once a day with biologically safe, pet-friendly cleaners. The compressed rubber flooring is specially designed to aid in the long-term joint and paw health of your furry child.

We believe in 100% transparency, which is why we have live webcams that you can access during playtime through your desktop or our free mobile app (available in the Apple or Google Play stores). You will be able to watch your pup play and frolic with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)!

Your dog’s safety is our number one priority, which is why our Canine Coach training is a customized curriculum designed by Colleen Demling, a registered CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CDBC, canine behaviorist. Our team knows how to recognize even the most subtle dog body language, and handle dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments.

COVID-19 Safety and Compliance measures

– 2 Meters Between Dogtopians
– Contactless Payment or Tap
– Curbside pickup and drop off
– Use of Dogtopia App for minimal contact and communication with pet parent
– Sanitizing Collars, Bowls, and Leads Daily
– Wipe down dogs on drop off and pick up
– Access to running water, hand sanitizers at critical locations
– Illness and Incident Tracker
– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) onsite for Dogtopia employees and customers
– Cleaning of all common areas/elements
– 2 to 3 playrooms based on behaviour, size, and temperament
– Updates from head quarters and research on dog transmission from biologists


At Dogtopia of Kitchener, we recognize that each dog is unique. That is why we take the time find the daycare, boarding, training and spa package that will best meet your dog’s needs, as well as your own. Please feel free to fill out our contact form if you have any questions about any of our services. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and determine if we are a right fit for your pup. We want your pup to have the most exciting day ever!

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