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Squeaky clean, smelling fresh & looking like a million bones.

Dog hygiene encompasses so much more than just simple doggie baths. At Dogtopia of Lexington South, we understand that the benefits of maintaining your dog’s appearance extend well beyond just keeping them looking good.  Regular grooming helps to keep your pup healthy and happy.

Our beautiful, spacious dog spa offers a variety of treatments, including baths, haircuts, hand stripping, brush outs, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trims and de-shedding treatments. The products we use are certified pet-safe, and will have your dog looking and smelling like a million bones!

Spa Specialists

Our highly trained, caring spa attendants are experts at keeping your dog relaxed and comfortable. We know exactly how far to trim their nails without causing discomfort, and how to put them at ease while cleaning their teeth and ears. If they’re skittish around loud noises, we even have a variety of blow dryer options designed to keep them calm.

Dog Spa Treatments

Here are some of the services we offer at Dogtopia of Lexington South’s dog spa:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Haircuts
  • Hand stripping and creative grooming color work
  • Fluff dry and brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • De-shedding treatments


Our grooming department is lead by professional groomer Katie Summers.  Katie has been practicing her art for 5+ years and part of the Dogtopia team since 2018. Katie has been trained to meet any of your grooming needs, from breed standard cuts, to hand stripping, she can do it all. She has taken continuing education courses on Asian Fusion grooming, creative grooming color work, and practices fear free techniques. We take a hands on approach when grooming dogs we check each dog for lumps, bumps, and any other abnormalities. Please call us today to schedule an appointment or stop in to meet Katie in person.

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  • Dog Bath

    Dog Bath

  • Brush Out

    Brush Out

  • Pamper Your Pup

    Pamper Your Pup

  • Nail Trim

    Nail Trim

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Pup with Tongue Out in Bath