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4910 Carlisle Pike, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050

4.9 Star Rating - 229 reviews

Callie gets excited when she see where she is going. The staff are very friendly and nice!

The promptness of the appt and the friendly staff and of course her whole grooming.


Flexibility, visibility (webcam), and how well they care for my fog

So far, I love the webcams, the staff appears to truly love dogs, and the cleanliness. I only had my dogs in one day so far, but they looked to be having fun and I love that they are able to socialize with other dogs and humans. They are tired from having fun all day so when they get home they are calm, which is much needed in a house with 4 kids:)

Clean, well-staffed facility with great communication for me and fun for my pup – what’s not to love?

Niki comes home happy & tired. They allow them to be dogs. He loves the staff.

My dog Willow loves everyone here at Dogtopia! I never have to worry about her while she is here because the staff and trainers take such good care of her! She is loved as if she was their dog as well!

Very friendly staff

Open on the weekend!

Our Vizlas, Vica and Kova love going to Dogtopia! The staff is super enthusiastic when we arrive and are very attentive toward our dogs. Vica and Kova are mentally stimulated and enjoy the socialization they provide. Needless to say, a tired dog is a good dog!
Thank you Dogtopia!!

Dogtopia of Mechanicsburg

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