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4910 Carlisle Pike, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050

4.9 Star Rating - 226 reviews

Super nice people. Safie loves going there, that makes me happy and confident she’s in good hands

Make sure your Cameras are always on and working. I called to notify them that they still had the do not disturb on their WebCam and the girl said she would double check but it was never taken off and I could not check in on my dog. However the facility was clean & everyone was super friendly

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I love that I can check in on my girl during the day. It also helps with my anxiety about leaving her when going on vacation. Major bonus points for the webcams.

I also like that I’m not forced into using a curbside service. I WANT to walk my dog in to the office, not pull up and hope she doesn’t get loose because someone else is taking her in. My canine is a Houdini and curbside service makes me massively nervous.

I love the little extras too … the bubble party, the nose print, the graduation photo … all very cool and fun!

I also love that she doesn’t come home reeking of wet dog hair and drool. Playing outside is cool but dirty and I don’t want to take a smelly dog home in my car. I like the indoor play format and she definitely comes home exhausted.

My dog LOVES coming to Dogtopia, as soon as I make the turn into the shopping plaza she gets so excited! I love being able to watch her play through the App. The care givers are very friendly and treat the dogs well.

Very friendly, clean and my puppy was safe and looked like he had a great time! I love that I can check on him via web cam!

You treated my pet as well as I would.

Caring staff and loving environment

Friendly, efficient, clean and genuinely seem to enjoy and care about my dog.

I love the webcams! It makes me feel good to know I can check on Brutus at any time and see how he is interacting with other dogs. Having the dogs split out by size made me feel much more comfortable too. My dog is only 6 lbs so he could get lost in among bigger dogs very quickly. In the Toy room, I can always find him and he can engage with dogs more similar to him. The staff is great and very friendly. They have been trained to control the chaos of a bunch of dogs running around and playing in close proximity. I highly recommend Dogtopia!

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