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4910 Carlisle Pike, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050

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I love the webcams! It makes me feel good to know I can check on Brutus at any time and see how he is interacting with other dogs. Having the dogs split out by size made me feel much more comfortable too. My dog is only 6 lbs so he could get lost in among bigger dogs very quickly. In the Toy room, I can always find him and he can engage with dogs more similar to him. The staff is great and very friendly. They have been trained to control the chaos of a bunch of dogs running around and playing in close proximity. I highly recommend Dogtopia!

I have already recommended to multiple people at dog parks, co-workers, and friends.. A great safe place for dogs to interact with each-other and get a day full of dog on dog play-time stimulation.

The staff is amazing. Friendly, engaged, and truly care about my dog.

Very friendly and professional and so sweet to my pet!

Interaction with team members was very positive. Very friendly and customer oriented staff that I interacted with on my initial trial.

Friendly, clean, convenient and caring. Great place for my pup!

The staff was great! The service was excellent. I am looking forward to the grooming service.

Dog lovers!
Dogs are well cared for
Clean facility
Easy to make appointments
Friendly staff
Transparency of a dogs life while there, ie camera
Flexible schedule for drop off and pick up

Absolutely everything!
I have complete confidence in the care Ozzie receives while at Dogtopia. Recently he was boarded for a short trip and did better than any other time he was boarded elsewhere. I believe this is due to the friendly, compassionate and well trained staff at the facility. Every morning I ask Ozzie if he wants to go to “puppy school” and he immediately starts to wag his tail! It has been such a wonderful opportunity for him to get more exercise, he has lost 4.5 lbs., and socialize with other dogs. The staff keeps us well informed about his daily activities and other information relevant to the overall well-being of the entire dog population. Dogtopia also provides interesting, stimulating activities to keep the dogs engaged.
I can’t say enough good things, they are simply the best!!

Dogtopia of Mechanicsburg

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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