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4910 Carlisle Pike, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050

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Our Vizlas, Vica and Kova love going to Dogtopia! The staff is super enthusiastic when we arrive and are very attentive toward our dogs. Vica and Kova are mentally stimulated and enjoy the socialization they provide. Needless to say, a tired dog is a good dog!
Thank you Dogtopia!!

I don’t know that there is anything you can do to improve. I love that it is climate controlled and the staff all seems to enjoy what they are doing. I like the fact that the dogs are divided into groups of same temperament. Winston is always excited to arrive and he always comes home tired, but when we watch him on the webcam, he just stands around. I’ve never seen him engage with the other dogs. In fact, I notice he usually gravitates to the humans! We are also wondering if Winston has ever gone to the bathroom at Dogtopia. When he gets home, he has a lot of business to do. It makes me wonder how he would manage an overnight should we need to board him.

excellent care for for fur baby!! extremely friendly!!


We have only been for the meet and greet, but we loved the cameras and constant attention our pup received. We are excited to utilize the other services too.

I love how even though they were extremely busy, I was kept updated and they were able to answer my questions and were very friendly

Their staff is the most caring and they genuinely love my dog

Every thing and the staff is so great,friendly. Love the view cam and how you can pick your baby up any time during the their business hours

Our dog has been adopted by another family and you may remove us from your communications network. Thank you.

We love the photo shoots and fun treats! But most of all we love our Stella girl getting to make friends!

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