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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Gone are the days when pet parents were left wondering what their pup was getting into when they had the house to themselves. At Dogtopia of Roseville, you can rest assured that your dog will have fun-filled days that are full of safe socialization with other furry friends as they exercise and burn off their pent-up energy. They’ll enjoy the Most Exciting Day Ever; you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with no longer feeling guilty about leaving your dog home alone.

Whether you need the house dog-free for the day, are on an extended leave (i.e., vacation, work trip, etc.), or simply want to treat your pup to some extra fun and socialization, Dogtopia of Roseville is the place to take your furry family member.

Owners Eric Nancekivell and Eric Hipp, as well as the entire Dogtopia of Roseville team, work together to provide personalized doggie care in our facility. That way, you can just focus on all the fun your pup will enjoy. With open-play, pup parties, and picture days, we’re sure your dog will love being part of our family!


With our three indoor playrooms and large outdoor play area, our brand-new facility provides dogs plenty of room to roam and explore.  Our spacious, open-play playrooms are separated by size, preferred play style and temperament. Our “Toy Box” playroom, designed to look like a park, is ideal for smaller pups and those with special needs. Our “Gym” playroom has a tranquil beach theme for our large and athletic dogs. Lastly, our “Romper Room,” designed to look like our dogs have taken a trip to the city, is ideal for our medium-sized dogs with a bit more energy. Placing your pup into the perfect play space for their unique needs encourages their confidence and ensures their safety at all times. At Dogtopia of Roseville, even the shiest of pups will develop confidence and social skills.

Our daycare pups receive 10 to 12 hours of open-play during the day, from 7 AM to 7PM on weekdays, with a two-hour break for lunch and naps. See our location details for weekend hours.

At Dogtopia of Roseville, we make exercise and socialization fun! Our coaches lead our pups through agility obstacle courses, unique brain games, bacon-flavored bubble parties, themed photoshoots, and more. They will be mentally and physically stimulated during their time with us, and will come home a pooped-out pup.


At Dogtopia of Roseville, our team’s love for dogs is evident. Our highly trained Canine Coaches supervise each playroom and are experts in doggie body language and behavior, which is required when managing dogs of different sizes, breeds, and temperaments.

Thanks to the constant playtime supervision from our Canine Coaches, we get to know each pup in our care and can provide pet parents with occasional report cards. That way, you are kept in the loop on how your dog is behaving, and get some tips on how to replicate our positive educational methods at home.


Before any of our daycare dogs can enter Dogtopia of Roseville, they must be fully vaccinated and pass our extensive Meet & Greet assessment. To ensure your pup will thrive in our off-leash, open-play facility, we conduct a nose-to-tail evaluation and consider factors like your pup’s response to touch, their comfort level in a crate, their medical history, their interactions with other dogs, and more. We do not discriminate against any breed – if your dog passes our assessment, they are welcome here! However, we do require that all dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age and older and that all pups seven months and older are spayed or neutered.

Our safety measures also extend to each of our spacious indoor playrooms. Equipped with HVAC systems to ensure constant filtration, the air in our playrooms is fresh and clean, ideal for play and naptime. We also make sure to deep clean and sanitize multiple times a day using a biologically safe, pet-friendly cleaner. And for those “in the moment” mishaps, we have a pet-safe spot cleaner. Each of our playrooms also include compressed rubber floors, which not only help to keep the room clean but are specially designed to aid in your dog’s long-term joint and paw health. We’re proud to be the only dog daycare brand with an Environmental Biologist on staff – constantly evaluating products, policies and procedures.


While your dog has fun here at Dogtopia of Roseville, you can have fun watching them play! We’ve installed webcams in each of our playrooms so that you can (virtually) join in on the playtime fun through a private stream that you can access on our mobile app or website.

For an extra set of eyes, our qualified staff are always monitoring our webcams, in addition to our Canine Coaches present in each playroom.


Like humans, dogs need friendships and social bonds to live a well-rounded, healthy and fulfilled life. At Dogtopia of Roseville, we’ll introduce your pup to their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). Your dog’s physical and mental health is also important to us. That is why we provide fun group exercises and brain games designed to keep your pup engaged in our off-leash, open-play setting. We know that when dogs spend a ton of time playing and exercising, their health improves.

With over 65 five-star reviews in our first two months of operation, it’s clear our commitment to your dog’s health and safety sets us apart from most doggie daycares in the Twin Cities.

Dogtopia follows many Commitments to Safety, which include:

  • A passion for providing pet parents and their furry counterparts with the best possible service.
  • The health and safety of each dog in our facility, which is backed by a biologist, behaviorist, and veterinarian.
  • A universal vow to treat your dogs like a member of our family.
  • 8-10 hours of open-play to encourage socialization and exercise.
  • Spacious, climate-controlled playrooms that are supervised for all-day play.
  • A free mobile app, that lets pet parents request appointments, review schedules, and more.


We are located at 2216 County Rd D West Suite R, which is near I35W County Road D exit, conveniently located for commuters traveling on I35W, Hwy 280, Hwy 36 and Hwy 88. We are also just north of Rosedale Mall and NE Minneapolis, near the University of MN, Bethel University and the University of Northwestern – drop your pup off while you attend class!

We are also conveniently located for healthcare workers traveling to the University of Minnesota Hospitals and Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC).

We serve pet parents and their pups who live in the northern suburbs, which includes Roseville, New Brighton, Arden Hills, Shoreview, North Oaks, Lino Lakes, Blaine, St. Anthony, NE Minneapolis and St. Paul.

With plenty of free parking located directly in front of our store, we make drop-offs and pick-ups easy!

If you are interested in joining our Dogtopia of Roseville family, you can connect with us using our online contact form. You can also call us at 651-273-0880 and have your questions answered by our friendly and knowledgeable team who are more than willing to provide additional details about our daycare, boarding, and spa services.

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    Bacon-flavored bubbles

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    BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)

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    Holiday photo shoot

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    A treat for our pups

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    A caring team you can trust

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