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1818 E Victoria Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 7K3

4.9 Star Rating - 199 reviews

The professionalism of the establishment and it’s staff. The environment feels vibrant and it is important to me that the staff cares, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it may be at times and I always appreciate it.

That there is someone in the room interacting with the dogs at all times.

The employees are friendly, pleasant and take excellent care of our dogs!

We can drop her off and not have to worry about her all day, we know she’s being taken care of and loved!

And we love knowing we can give her a spa day (especially with spring coming up)!

The personalized care for my dog. The staff know us and our pup very well and that means a lot. They love my dog SO much and it comes across so genuinely, which is another thing that makes Dogtopia our only choice!

The people that love our pups!

Less dogs allowed in a room at a time in order to allow for more activities as advertised. I understand the need to respond to customer demands as well so I can appreciate not limiting the number of dogs. I am satisfied with the size of the playrooms.

Friendly staff, great communication! Live webcam to watch our dog during the day. Commitment to cleanliness!

Staff is awesome and Maximus loves going! He knows the word ‘daycare’ and ‘get to play with the other puppies!’
Best decision we’ve made for him!

Dogtopia of Regina East

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