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2463 Royal Windsor Drive Unit 2, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1K9

4.9 Star Rating - 249 reviews

Great service. Attentive to pet owners and dogs. Very convenient.
Sam was tired at the end of the day (a good thing). While I doubt I would check the webcams much in the future it’s nice to have the option. Especially for a first visit. Only thing that would make it better would be an outdoor area.
Unexpected surprise to get the midday update. And the feedback follow up calls. Great job.

Your location is beautiful and clean, and everyone is extremely nice. I wish you had an outdoor area for dogs to get fresh air, and your fees were a little more competitive for those who don’t need an unlimited package.

Very clean premises and the staff were excellent and very informative.

Staff are so friendly! Love the webcam so I can peek in on the great day my pup is having! Great experience!!

I was really worried it being my first time for my dog to be handed off to anyone. He’s never been a day without me for his 2+ years. And he’s just a little guy weighing 9 lbs, he was the smallest of all of them. But it went well, really really well. They were more than I expected and I will be returning on a weekly basis it was that good. And it’s good for my pup to be around other pups. I was able to watch on the webcam, the coach was very attentive and watched and saw everything. I couldn’t have been more happy. Highly recommend. The whole process from the intro to picking my dog up was great.

Friendly staff

Very friendly and accommodating staff, webcam so I can check in on my pup, and my dog was well cared for and had the best time!

The facilities are very clean, the staff at the front desk are so friendly and I really like to be able to have a peek at my pup throughout the day.

Sophie has fun

very friendly

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