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Harbor Steps Reviews

1300 Post Alley, Seattle, Washington 98101

5 Star Rating - 19 reviews

Conveniently located.


Absolutely everything! From the staff, to the facility. The way they treat all dogs equally pleases me!

Everyone we spoke to was incredibly attentive, nice, and most importantly– you could tell they loved dogs. Our pups were on the fussier side when we took them in and every staff member put paramount effort into making sure they were comfortable every step of the way. Can’t thank you guys enough for how well you handled our dogs! I wish I could rate you a higher number than 10!

Great, caring staff. Clean facility. My dog returns happy.

Kind staff, positive reinforcement training, transparency around facility tours and webcams. I only put 9 because it looks like Harbor Steps doesn’t offer passes, just memberships, and I wish passes/punch cards were an option.

Zazu and Rigby has a great day! Thank you 😊

My dog is like a member of the family here. She literally RUNS up the Harbor Steps to see the handlers and greet the people inside. We love you Seattle Dogtopia! In fact, we are smitten with you 🙂

Clean. Very friendly staff. Seems to truly care. Safe!

We loved our experience! Cannot recommend enough. Our dog is shy, but he had a great time getting a bath, because the staff is kind, knowledgeable and all-around awesome!

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