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We are currently closed for daycare on Saturdays and Sundays.

** We will be open 10am-5pm November 25th and 27th. We will be closed on Thanksgiving, November 26th. **

Stay safe everyone!

Harbor Steps Reviews

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5 Star Rating - 52 reviews

We went to Dogtopia for our rescue’s first bath and grooming.
They were really great at taking care of our pup and gave us lots of great suggestions and answered all of our questions 🙂 we would surely go again!!

I like how they welcome our dogs!

they make it very personal and take care of Kuma as one of their own. I love the fact that we can leave with her knowing that she will be well taken care of. Not seen any negative impact on our house training with is great!

Friendly staff

I love that you genuinely care for every individual dog. I have seen a lot of places neglect the dog by overbooking but you don’t. You always put the dog first and ate clearly not out to fleece customers. However, I wish you’d accept huskies who are petrified of crates. If I’d known it’s a deal breaker I’d never have let my husky forget his habit of a crate. He just got really big and didn’t feel comfortable in the largest crate that was available at all the pet stores we checked and brought home. I really wish I could leave him at day care but that two omg our ONLY in the crate nap time just makes it impossible to leave him at Dogtopia’s daycare. He is missing out on so much fun only because he feels uncomfortable in a crate and hence I can never get him to daycare because of your crate rule.

I love how the staff are very experienced and confident in reading the room and ensuring my dog is in the best care!

They took great care of my dogs! Very professional!!!

Attentive, positive staff, great care

Staff is great and friendly. Joey gets to enjoy with his friends during day care. Oh he also plays fetch sometimes with the coaches which I love.

The staff was very supportive and mindful of my and my dog’s needs when I had to find a day care facility due to a medical emergency. They’ve been great!

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