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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

We all want our dogs to live their best, happiest, and longest lives, and that starts with a solid wellness routine that we can achieve at daycare. Dogs who regularly attend daycare benefit from exercise, socialization, and education so that both their physical and emotional health needs are covered.

Like humans, regular exercise helps dogs maintain a healthy weight and boost their cardio and fitness levels. We implement a variety of exercises throughout your dog’s day that are disguised as tail-wagging fun and games. We also include agility-focused activities that keep their minds active and their bodies moving. Dogtopia dogs receive 8-10 hours of supervised play and rack up 30,000-60,000 steps daily, which far beats the 8,000 or less steps dogs average at home.

We set up brain games for pups to enjoy designed to stimulate their minds and help them work on their problem-solving skills. Our highly skilled team interacts with each pup and provides positive reinforcement to promote good behavior. We also include learning opportunities like name recall and door control, which can create the skills that translate to better behavior at home.

Our Dogtopia Family dogs also benefit from proper socialization. Consistent interactions with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and our team of skilled Canine Coaches help them generate positive social behaviors in and out of daycare, helping them become even greater canine citizens. Proper socialization also allows our pups to form bonds with one another, fulfilling their natural pack instinct.

Dogtopia of West Frisco offers all these daycare benefits and more, but what truly sets us apart is the first-class care that each and every dog receives. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our goal is that each dog (and their pet parent) feels like a VIP.

We have set up our daycare service through a Pay Per Play option, which is great if you’d like to schedule a day, half-day, or weekend of play, as well as wellness plan options, an ideal way to offer consistency in your pup’s lifestyle. Since dogs thrive on consistency and familiarity, scheduling regular daycare visits through one of our wellness plans will allow your pup to look forward to their visits and come to know that they’ll get to have fun with their furry friend group again.


We offer the best care for your precious pup! Our 6,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility is home to four large indoor playrooms, ensuring the Texas weather never impedes your dog’s playtime. Each playroom is dedicated to a pup’s size, temperament, and play style, which helps each dog feel comfortable with their playmates.

If you have a very small breed or a puppy, our Wee playroom is a great space for them to explore and get to know other dogs in a safe and secure environment. Our Toy playroom is for dogs that are a bit bigger but are still considered a small breed. Rather than playing among larger dogs, our small pups can feel like the main character in their space, which helps ensure they can be their best doggie selves. Our medium-sized dogs with a bit more playtime vigor benefit from our Romper playroom, where they’ll expend their energy among like-minded pals. Meanwhile, our Gym playroom is for the bigger breeds that need a bit more space to play.

Compared to a dog park where your pup is exposed to various dogs with different personalities and socialization skills, our indoor playrooms offer a more secure space with other dogs that match their playtime vibe. Plus, it’s much cleaner than a grassy, muddy outdoor park!

When we designed each playroom, we paid close attention to the comfort and safety it would provide our Dogtopia Family dogs. To limit visual and audio distractions from neighboring dogs, we used soundproof floor-to-ceiling walls to separate each playroom. Unlike wire fencing or dividers like some dog daycares, our separate playrooms create a space for pups to focus on one another. We also equipped double-barrier doors so that each dog can enter and exit through a smaller secure space before they get to and from our playrooms. This adds an extra element of safety and security while they are in our care.

Since our pups are on their paws for most of the day, we stayed away from cement or gravel used at other daycares and chose compressed rubberized flooring to promote paw pad comfort and the health of dogs’ hips and joints. It’s like they’re wearing a comfy pair of running shoes! Plus, it’s easy to keep clean and is odor-resistant, making any “in the moment” potty mishaps a breeze to take care of.

Speaking of clean, we have installed advanced HVAC systems in each playroom to keep fresh, sanitized air circulating throughout our facility. Our HVAC system allows pups to feel like they’re outside thanks to the clean outdoor air coming in, and coupled with all the new sights, smells, and sounds, they can’t tell they are indoors like they would at home! Our HVAC system also allows us to climate-control the playrooms, so playtime is always a go whether it’s a cooler day or the Texas sun is beaming down.


We are your pup’s go-to hang-out spot for all things tail-wagging fun, which is why we have incorporated exciting activities throughout their day, including:

  • Bubble parties: Our playrooms transform into a party that your pup has VIP access to! As they chase bacon- and peanut butter-flavored bubbles around the room, they bond with their furry friends, which is always a rewarding sight.
  • Photoshoots with themed props and backdrops: Sure to put a smile on any pet parent’s face, our occasional photoshoots are the cutest way to celebrate different holidays and special doggy days. Check out our Instagram account, where we’ll be sharing these frame-worthy photos!
  • Arts & crafts days: From paw print art to lick paint masterpieces, our Canine Coaches become art teachers during our occasional arts & crafts days. Your pup will create an adorable piece of art that belongs in a gallery (or at least on your fridge).
  • Mealtime with tasty treats: We love adding delicious treats to your pup’s day. We have special treats and meal options, such as protein bowls (chicken and rice/ salmon and rice), turkey meatballs, and holiday-themed goodies.

When our doors open for the day and daycare is officially in session, our pups enter their designated playroom and join the playing pups. During the first half of the day, our Dogtopia Family dogs exercise, learn, play, and socialize with one another.

We are unique from many of our competitors because our dogs get to play in our open play environment until noon, when it’s nap and lunchtime. At that time, our daycare dogs head over to their crates to eat, take any necessary medication directed by the pet parent, and recharge their playtime batteries until 2 p.m. rolls around. Then, it’s time to get back to enjoying daycare until pick-up. By the time they’re home, they’ll be so tuckered out from playing that they’ll drift off to dreamland. We like to call that the Dogtopia Daze!

Our daycare dogs’ days are full of enriching, interactive activities to help ensure they remain active. Rather than having dogs spend more time during the day crated than playing, we at Dogtopia of West Frisco prioritize your pup’s safety and fun in our off-leash, open play environment. We want our pups to feel free to explore their playroom while still being supervised by our team so they can have the Most Exciting Day Ever.


What better way to start off an exciting day at daycare than with a trip to our spa? Your pup can get some well-deserved R&R with our variety of spa services. Our team members are experts in delivering safe, comfortable treatments that will help you stay on top of your dog’s hygiene. From bath time using dog-safe shampoo and conditioner to nail trims and teeth brushing and so much more in between, our full-service spa can provide a stress-free experience for your pup that they’ll look forward to every time.


When your furry family member spends their day at daycare, they will remain under the supervision of our expert team of Canine Coaches. Highly skilled in recognizing dog body language, they can detect the slightest behavior changes and respond swiftly.

With the ability to interact with large groups of dogs at once, regardless of their size, breed, or play style, our Coaches get to know each dog member of our Dogtopia Family who regularly attends and better understand their personality. This is thanks to their passion for learning, as they completed Dogtopia’s extensive four-part training program that has been approved for continuing education credits by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Our Coaches are the fun facilitators who organize the activities and exercises during the day and assist pups who may need help breaking the ice with others in the playroom. They can also tell when some dogs need a break from the excitement and will respond promptly with care. Because our Coaches get to know your pup with every visit, they provide pet parents with periodic report cards outlining how their dog behaved, the friends they made, and tips to replicate behavior acquired at daycare at home.

To keep each playroom clean and in sparkling condition, our Coaches complete twice-daily deep cleans using pet-safe cleaning products that are free of any harsh chemicals, as well as ensuring “in the moment” cleanups are taken care of using a safe bio-enzymatic spot cleaner. We follow the guidelines set by Dogtopia’s Environmental Biologist and Veterinary Scientist to ensure we’re always maintaining a safe and healthy facility.


Available on Dogtopia’s free mobile app or website, pet parents can check in on their pup during play via our HD webcams that livestream all the playtime fun. This livestream is for pet parents only and will run from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. M-F, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat-Sun (excluding nap time 12-2 p.m. and overnight for privacy). That means whether you’re in between work meetings, running errands, or at home, you can virtually join in on the doggie smiles and tail-wags, which can offer reassurance that your pup is safe and enjoying their time with us.


Dogtopia’s dogma is something all the locations across North America, including ours, uphold. We strive to create a secure and fun environment for all our pups and offer support and transparent communication for our pet parents. Dogtopia’s commitments to safety include:

  • A universal vow to treat your dogs like a member of the family.
  • A passion for providing the best possible service to pet parents and their pups.
  • 8-10 hours of off-leash, open play to encourage socialization, learning, and exercise.
  • Certified Canine Coaches trained to interact and educate with all dog breeds.
  • Supporting a charitable cause through the Dogtopia Foundation that enables dogs to give back to humanity.
  • Effective in-store cleaning products created specifically with your dog’s safety in mind.

In our effort to maintain the safety of all dogs in our space, we follow a set of guidelines established by Dogtopia. All dogs at Dogtopia of West Frisco must be at least 12 weeks and older, spayed or neutered if seven months and older, free of any communicable illness that could spread to others (i.e., fleas, ticks, etc.) for the past 30 days, and up to date on all common doggie vaccinations, which include:

  • Bordetella: recommended every six months.
  • Rabies: given at or before 16 weeks old with a booster shot a year later and then every three years after.
  • DHLPP/DHPP (also known as “distemper/parvo”): administered at six to eight weeks old, boosted twice at three-week intervals, and then again one year later.
  • Canine Influenza: while this is strongly recommended, our team will inform you prior to daycare if it is required.


This is the first time you and your furry family member will visit our facility and our first time meeting you, so Dogtopia has established a Meet & Greet evaluation that allows our team to get to know your pup and see how they respond to various daycare elements. It typically takes 20 to 30 minutes, and by the end, we will share our observations with you and let you know if Dogtopia of West Frisco is the right space for your pup.

What happens during our Meet & Greet? First, we assess your dog’s health status by reviewing their health history and confirming their vaccination record. We’ll perform a nose-to-tail assessment and check for any areas that your pup might be sensitive to touch, as we want to make sure they can respond positively to interaction by our Canine Coaches.

Next comes the observational part of the evaluation, where we’ll see how your dog responds to daycare. This is essentially a test drive where your dog will interact with a couple of other like-minded pups in a controlled mini play space. We’ll see how they interact, their behavior around our team, and their comfort level in our home-style crates to mimic lunch and naptime.

During this evaluation, our team will show you around our space and answer any questions you may have about the services at Dogtopia. In no time, your pup will be back out to greet you, and our evaluators will review their assessment with you. If given the go-ahead, your dog can immediately start daycare, which we recommend to reinforce the idea that they won’t leave daycare immediately after arriving.


Our entire Dogtopia of West Frisco team cannot wait to meet you and your furry family member! We are at the Southeast corner of FM 423 and Main Street – in West Frisco, on the border of Little Elm. Some nearby landmarks include McCord Park and Wood Family Dog Park. We are a proud member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and value our community relationships immensely.

We share a parking lot with Hope Fellowship Frisco West, Hawaiian Bros., Sonic, and a Shell Gas Station within the Main Street Center. Only a three-minute drive to Walmart Supercenter and other nearby retailers and businesses, run errands after dropping your pup off at daycare!

We proudly serve pet parents living in neighborhoods like The Trails, Frisco Lakes—Del Webb Retirement Community, West Falls Village, Waterford Falls, Meadow Creek, Birmingham Estates, Newman Village, Grayhawk, and others nearby. We are also a convenient stop for those from Denton and Collin counties and the cities of Frisco, Little Elm, Hackberry, Aubrey and Prosper. Located in a largely residential area, we are within three miles of apartments like Avalon at Frisco Main, 4 Corners, Cortland Phillips Creek Ranch, The Maxwell, and more.


Our team is ready to have your pup join our Dogtopia Family! Call us at 214-807-0230 for more information, or fill out our convenient online inquiry form if you have any questions about our services.

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