how to choose the right doggy daycare or pet sitter

Owning a dog is beneficial for so many health factors, both physical and mental. Health benefits of owning a dog include:

Increased Physical Activity

We all know that dogs need regular exercise.  This means their owners have to stay moving as well. Daily walks or play sessions help keep both pups and their owners active.  This leads to improved cardiovascular health, weight management, and overall fitness.

Reduced Stress

Interacting with a dog lowers levels of cortisol, a key stress indicator.  Additionally, it increases levels of oxytocin, a natural calming hormone. This results in decreased stress, and anxiety, and can even lower blood pressure. Just one of the many health benefits of owning a dog!

Happier Mood

We all know that dogs provide unconditional love and companionship. But did you know that spending time with a dog can boost levels of serotonin and dopamine? These neurotransmitters are related to happiness and well-being. This leads to improved mood and decreased feelings of loneliness.  The health benefits of owning a dog just keep coming!

Social Interaction

Dogs are natural conversation starters.  They can help initiate social interactions with other dog owners or people in the community. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may feel isolated or have difficulty starting conversations.

Routine and Structure

Owning a dog often requires establishing a daily routine for feeding, walking, and playtime. This routine can provide structure and stability to a person’s life, which is especially beneficial for individuals struggling with mental health issues or ADHD.

Sense of Purpose

Taking care of a dog gives people a sense of purpose and responsibility. Knowing that another living creature depends on them  boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of fulfillment.

Immune System Boost

Growing up with a dog in the household has proven to a lower risk of developing allergies and asthma in children. Dogs bring dirt and microbes into the home, which helps strengthen the immune system and reduces the risk of allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Detection of Health Issues

Some dogs are trained to detect various health issues in humans, such as seizures, low blood sugar levels in diabetics, and certain types of cancer. Their keen sense of smell and ability to detect subtle changes in behavior or body odor can alert their owners to potential health problems early.

Overall, a dog can have a profound positive impact on both physical and mental health. There are so many health benefits of owning a dog!  Mayo clinic has put together some really great info about it…


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