how to choose the right doggy daycare or pet sitter

Choosing the perfect dog daycare for your furry friend requires careful consideration. With so many options available, it’s never been more important to research local facilities.  Make sure to ensure your dog’s safety, wellbeing, and happiness is a priority. In this article, we’ll look at the key factors to consider when selecting a doggie daycare to make sure that it’s the perfect fit for your furry family member.

Do your Homework

Choosing the right dog daycare or pet sitter for your dog starts with research.  Do a Google search of local facilities that offer dog daycare and boarding services.  Poll your family, friends, other dog moms and dog dads for recommendations.  Check out the facility’s website, hours of operation, location and services offered.  Investigate the reviews to see what other pet parents experiences with the daycare reveal. Use this to narrow down your choices.

Take a field trip

Once you have determined which dog daycares would suit your needs, schedule visits to each facility.  It is important to take note of cleanliness, organization and overall feel of the interactions between the staff and the dogs. Watch how the dogs are supervised. Is someone always with them?  Watch how the dogs interact with one another.  Ask questions about policies and procedures.

Do a safety check

When choosing a dog daycare facility safety should be at the top of your list.  Ask about safety measures, including whether proof of vaccinations is required for all dogs.  Ask how they handle emergencies should they arise.  Do they conduct temperament assessments before accepting new clients?

Consider Staff knowledge

Ask about the facility’s staffing levels and how team members are trained to handle emergencies or behavioral issues.  A well trained team with experience with dogs in open play can make all the difference in creating a safe, fun doggie daycare experience for your pup.  Staff training should be an integral part of how to choose the right dog daycare or pet sitter for your dog.

ask for the schedule

When choosing the right dog daycare or pet sitter for your dog it is crucial to ask about the daily schedule.  Many facilities with “dog daycare” will only allow your dog out for short periods of time.  At Dogtopia of Viera dogs consistently get between 8-10 hours of play everyday.  Some rotate between very small groups not allowing for true socialization.  Are dogs separated by size? Play style?  Many facilities that do have different rooms only separate them with fences instead of different rooms.  Our playrooms are separated with their own walls, rather than fencing or dividers, which helps prevent and maintain any airborne bacteria or viruses while also allowing our pups to focus on their furry friend group and not be distracted by neighboring playrooms.

Enrichment activities

In addition to supervised playtime, a good doggy daycare should provide activities to keep dogs mentally stimulated and engaged. Inquire about the types of activities offered, such as games, parties, crafts, etc. These activities not only prevent boredom but also promote brain development and keep your pup entertained and well rounded. 

trust your instincts

Ultimately, trust your instincts when choosing a dog daycare for your pup. Pay attention to how you feel during your visits and interactions with the staff. Are they transparent about how each dog’s day went? Do they have webcams that allow you to check in on your pup? If something doesn’t feel right or if you have concerns about the daycare’s practices, don’t hesitate to explore other options. Your dog’s happiness and safety are top priority, so it’s essential to select a dog daycare that aligns with your values and meets your dog’s needs.


Choosing the perfect dog daycare for your furry friend requires careful consideration and research. By assessing factors such as safety measures, staff training, and enrichment activities, you can ensure that you’re selecting a home away from home that prioritizes your dog’s wellbeing and happiness. With the right daycare provider, you can give your dog a safe and stimulating environment where they can socialize, exercise, and thrive. 

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