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The safety of dogs around water, whether it’s at the beach or a pool, is imperative. Here are some great tips to help keep your furry baby safe while having fun in and around water.


Water Safety Essentials

For greatest water safety for dogs, consider using a doggie life jacket, especially if your dog is not a proficient swimmer or if you’ll be in deep or rough water. These jackets provide extra buoyancy to help keep your dog afloat.  Some breeds are more susceptible to buoyancy issues than others. Teach your dog where to enter and exit the water safely. This includes using ramps or stairs to enter and exit pools, as well as teaching them where it’s safe to enter and exit the beach or other bodies of water. Certainly, monitor your dog around water for their safety. Even dogs that are good swimmers can tire or encounter unexpected conditions. Always keep a close eye on them to make sure they stay safe.  Not sure where to get great gear?  Try https://ruffwear.com/pages/paddling-with-dogs

Beach and Lake Safety

Be aware of riptides and currents if you’re at the beach. These can pose a danger to both dogs and people. If you see riptides, keep your dog away from these areas.  Rinse your dog off with fresh water after swimming in saltwater, lakes, or pools. Saltwater can irritate their skin, and chlorine can be harmful if swallowed or left on their fur.  If swimming in lakes, never let your dog swallow the water and rinse them off immediately after getting out.  This keeps your dog safe around water.

Not all dogs are great natural swimmers, and even those that are may not be strong swimmers. Before letting your dog near water, assess their swimming ability in a controlled environment like a shallow pool. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the beach or pool you’re visiting regarding dogs. Some beaches and lakes may have specific areas where dogs are permitted, while others may prohibit dogs altogether. Water safety for dogs includes being prepared in case of emergencies. Know how to perform CPR on your dog and have the contact information for a nearby vet or emergency animal hospital.


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