Behavioral problems are NOT uncommon in dogs. How many times have you seen a pup misbehaving with its parent in public and completely ignoring their commands? Behavioral issues are a sign of inadequate training. To teach your dog how to be respectful ad disciplined, you need to teach it some essential dog commands, as mentioned in this blog. Make it your goal to practice all of these commands with your dog at least 2 to 3 times a day for 10 to 15 minutes at one time. After a couple of weeks, your dog will catch them on and remember them for a lifetime.

5 Essential Dog Commands Every Dog Must Know

1. Sit
This command will come in handy on a daily basis. Whether you want to reward your dog with a treat or have some company over, “sit” is a go-to command that you must teach your dog.

You can teach your dog how to “sit” by holding a treat in your fist and then putting it above your dog’s head. Then, slowly move the treat behind its head and when it crouches down, say “sit” and reward it with the treat.

2. Stay
One of the essential dog commands, without a doubt, is “stay.” Trust us; this command will come in handy every single day. For the safety of others and the safety of your pet, you need to teach your dog to “stay” at an early age.

To teach your dog how to “stay,” you must ensure your dog already knows how to “sit.” Start by asking your dog to sit. Then, slowly back away from your dog. If it moves towards you, say “no” and have it sit. When it stops, say “stay” again. Then you can reward it with a treat once it stays in one place.

3. Come
“Come” is one of the first commands you should teach your dog to ensure it stays safe. This command can save its life if it starts to run off into the unknown or get into an unsafe area.

To teach your dog how to “come,” you just need to put your dog on a leash and say “come” while tugging lightly on the leash. When it comes to you, you should reward its good behavior with a treat. It might take a few consecutive days of training for your dog to learn this command, so you must be patient.

4. Leave It
“Leave it” is a necessary command that you must teach your dog since dogs are curious creatures and can sometimes get into things they shouldn’t. For example, on walks, your dog can pick up something that can be a potential danger.

To teach your dog how to “leave it,” you need to hold two treats, one in each hand. Hide one treat in your fist behind your back. Show your dog one of the treats, and then close your hand. Keep the treat you showed it in a fist, keep saying “leave it” while doing so, and wait for it to lose interest. Once it backs away from the treat you initially showed it, give the treat that you were hiding as a reward.

5. Take It
“Take it” can be a challenging trick to teach your dog, but it is one of the most essential dog commands. You must use this command each time you want your dog to take something or pick something up.

To teach this command, you need to grab a treat and one of your dog’s favorite toys. Hold the toy in front of your dog and say, “take it.” Once your dog takes the toy, reward it with the treat!

To Sum It Up
Your dog’s training will be off to a great start once it learns these 5 essential dog commands. Start teaching them as soon as possible since these commands will help with your dog’s ability to socialize with others and improve its mental health and well-being.

In addition to teaching dog commands, we at Dogtopia believe that dogs require immense support and love from their parents. To help you dog parents, we have compiled several blogs on our website that give expert advice on taking care of raising a dog to the best of your abilities. Check them out here!