Nasa Pricing


Meet & Greet FREE
Full Day $36

Enrollment Plans

1 Day per Week $33
2 Days per Week $61 (30.5/Day)
3 Days per Week $82 ($27.34/Day)
Unlimted Weekly Daycare $120 ($20/Day)

Daycare Packages

5 Day $160 ($32/ Day)
10 Day $290 ($29/Day)
  • All enrollment services require a credit card authorization for regular weekly charges.
  • Enrollments can be paused for a maximum of two times per year
  • Enrollments are a no commitment offering and can be cancelled at any time, one week’s notice is required.
  • Enrollments can one be changed ONE time per month



Unlimited Enrollment Plan $30/Night
Enrolled $42/Night
Non-Enrolled $55/Night
  • MultiGuest Discount- 50% 


Unlimited Enrollment Plan $41/Night
Enrolled $51/Night
Non-Enrolled $80/Night
  • MultiGuest Discount- 50% 

Boarding Passes


5 Night $240 ($48/Night)
10 Night $460 ($46/ Night)


5 Night $370 ($74/ Night)
10 Day $710 ($71/ Night)

Worried about leaving your dog alone? Now is the perfect time to try our standard and suite boarding options! Our team will do everything possible to ensure Dogtopia feels like a home away from home.

Enrolled dogs receive priority reservations for overnight stays. We recommend all new dogs attend at least three days of daycare prior to spending the night so they are comfortable in our environment. Boarding dogs participate in open-play daycare during the day.

*Nightly boarding rate includes daycare*


Contact location for spa pricing and details.


Contact location for training pricing and details.

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