We are continuing to operate on normal business hours! Our lobby is currently closed and we are offering curb side pick up, please give us a call 703-751-7387 when you get here and we will be right out! Thank you very much for your patience!

Alexandria Reviews

3121 Colvin Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

4.8 Star Rating - 226 reviews

Daycare i will able to see my dog

I like that there is always someone in the room with them. Even though it might seem boring and useless, keeping a watch on the pups helps ease my mind knowing there is someone there. Also they know my dog. Also, he can’t wait to go in and play. When I drop him off, there isn’t even a goodbye from him as he rushes inside to play.

I am so grateful for your safety measures during COVID-19 AND for how quick and proactive and professional the staff is.

I had not done something properly for my dog’s prescriptions but you all immediately took care of it and contacted my vet and me. I was 100% impressed with your patience in the matter! We love Dogtopia of Alexandria! Pamela & Frasier Simone

Prompt service. Good location

Customer Service and communication is great. Hayley, Connie and I believe Matt are very helpful and keep me informed with information and Comet’s activities. I am grateful.

Convenient drop off/pick up. Employees always friendly and efficient. My dog seems well cared for.

The extremely helpful, friendly, and professional staff were under-aware of the strictness of certain policies regarding privacy. They did their best to address my concerns and treated me with respect. However, in the future, the manager could express more deference and professionalism in dealing with client concerns.

We also never received the required information to sign up for the app, so I am a bit wary.

Our pup has only had one day of experience, but we hope to have her back with her friends. She seemed to have a great time, and the staff seemed caring.

More toys and structures in the room for the doggies to play with.

The staff is friendly and kind to our dog. The place is clean and our dog has a lot of fun. She typically comes home exhausted after only a few hours of play group.

I have used Dogtopia for 10 years in MD, Virginia, Alex and Houston. I love the whole idea behind Dogtopia. This time when I came back to DC the location had changed there was mass confusion none of my dog Lucys records could be found for here or houston or maryland. I had the vet sent her shot record and after I had dropped her off and she had been there for 5 hours I got a panic call that she id not have a bortella shot and had to be isolated until I picked her up the next day. I had to pay 15 dollars extra for that privlidge. She was suppose to get a bath before she was given back to me and that was not done and I never got the email recipt i was told I would get. The staff was nice but not well trained. I want to start bringing her again more regulary but I am concerned, Things just aren’t the same and it makes me sad.


Dogtopia of Alexandria

Looking for a place where your four-legged family member will receive five-star treatment? Look no further! Dogtopia is an open play dog daycare, boarding facility, and spa. Basically, we’re your one-stop shop to spoil your dog! Our friendly and knowledgeable team is highly trained in providing both dogs and their parents with a safe, healthy and fun environment.

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