If Dogtopia had a middle name, it would be SAFETY! Our climate-controlled playrooms are deep cleaned and sanitized with pet-friendly cleaning supplies throughout the day. Contact us today to learn more about the Dogtopia difference!

Alexandria Reviews

3121 Colvin Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

4.7 Star Rating - 228 reviews

I like everything.
The care my dog receives
The ease in drop off and pick up
Sunday hours
Last minute scheduling
Tv cameras

Friendly service great location and reasonable prices

I’ve never been to a doggy daycare where they show you around behind the scenes. I really appreciate knowing where my dog will be. Everyone I’ve come into contact with at Dogtopia has been delightful and kind.

Chief had a great time! I loved seeing him on camera and getting text updates about who is best friends were each day.

Excellent staff! Just not sure the new pricing model with work for me as there is a lot less flexibility .

I think the service of the employees is great, I know my pup is in good hands when I drop his off but I do not love the new enrollment policy. I think it’s too limiting and I have a pretty set schedule of when I drop my pup off but I just feel like I have less flexibility now.

Convenient location,webcams, friendly staff and full pet services.

The staff are super friendly and seem to truly treat our dog as their own when we board him. We love the text updates and he always comes home happy.

You all care about each pet and appear to treat each pet as if were your own. All persons are helpful, courteous and caring.

I was concerned about the dogs being punished in crates due to excessive physical activity, I observed dogs being in a cage longer that five minutes.

Dogtopia of Alexandria

Looking for a place where your four-legged family member will receive five-star treatment? Look no further! Dogtopia is an open play dog daycare, boarding facility, and spa. Basically, we’re your one-stop shop to spoil your dog! Our friendly and knowledgeable team is highly trained in providing both dogs and their parents with a safe, healthy and fun environment.

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