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2706 O'Donnell Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224

4.9 Star Rating - 190 reviews

Very friendly and my dog loved it!

Daycare hours and boarding options are convenient and the staff are truly the best. Freya enjoys every second of her time here. I’ve never seen her so excited and the moment she’s in the door it’s like “Mom who?” This is one of the only groups I could trust her with. Love you guys!

The Canton Dogtopia team are amazing people! I don’t like leaving my dog with just anyone and Obi always comes home happy. They get to know your dog and it feels like family. HIGHLY recommend. The dogs’ safety is a high priority, they keep the place clean, and they’re always looking out for their furry friends’ best interests.

The sense of care and accountability the team has assumed brings peace of mind. I work long hours and knowing Pluto is there makes a world of difference to my life and those I touch on a Daily basis.

Our dog has a wonderful time being out and running around all day, rather than being boarded in a crate! He always comes home happy and tired, suggesting he enjoyed his time. In the past, when he’s been boarded he would come home with sores on his paws from stress licking. When he comes home from Dogtopia he doesn’t have those sores or any other signs of distress from being away. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and they are able to get our dog quickly during arrival or when leaving. Additionally, staff always have quick answers to any questions we have.

The people are always so great and all the services they provide.

The front desk staff are excellent!

Lulu gives four paws up for awesome play dates! She loves the PB kongs at break and would like to see more PB. We love having you in the hood!

Love Dogtopia of Canton! The staff are so helpful and friendly, the space is clean, and it seems very well managed. My only area of improvement would be to allow pick up/drop off between 12-2pm on weekends as it is a large window of time to have unavailable.

Would like to be able to see the cameras when the pups aren’t out playing.

Dogtopia of Canton

Dogtopia of Canton, the premier dog daycare center in Baltimore, MD, offers daycare as well as overnight boarding for dogs. We pride ourselves on having team members who are dedicated to keeping your dog safe and comfortable for however long you are away. We have proudly served dog parents in Canton, Fells Point, Baltimore and the surrounding regions since 2013.

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