*We are operating by curbside service only! Please use the curbside feature on the Dogtopia app to notify us that you have arrived!

****Update 9/30/21****

Current pet parents: Daycare and boarding is now reserved for enrolled members only. If your dog has already been to our location and is not enrolled in a weekly daycare plan yet, they will no longer be able to come for daycare or boarding without being enrolled in a weekly plan. Please email us at [email protected] for more information on signing up for a weekly enrollment plan!

New pet parents: We are no longer accepting new dogs for daycare or boarding, we are at capacity and space is reserved for our weekly enrolled members! We will no longer be able to schedule meet and greets for new dogs. If we have openings in the future, we will update our website! We apologize for the inconvenience!

Canton Reviews

2706 O'Donnell Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224

4.9 Star Rating - 196 reviews

Friendly staff, clean facility, webcams to check on my dog, easy curbside service. My dog seemed to enjoy himself and will definitely be back!

Augusta had so much fun at daycare! Came home happy and very tired from playing all day.

I never worry when my dog is at Dogtopia for daycare, boarding, or the spa. The staff is very friendly and super helpful. Scheduling appointments is super easy as is using the app to pick up and drop off my dog. I highly recommend Dogtopia to anyone with a dog.

Dogtopia has been a life saver for socializing our cane corso. They ensure a safe pick up, drop off, and dog experience. I love watching my dog play on the webcam and appreciate how good of care they take of her. Can’t recommend Dogtopia of canton highly enough!

I was glad to get a very positive greet both in drop off and pickup. I did watch Milo for a little while early in the morning just to see how he was doing. Lots of other “dog lovens” LOL. I think he needs the interaction as well as we need a break from each other during the week.

My dog loves it, and that’s good enough for me! Staff are responsive and helpful, and curbside drop off and pickup is super convenient.

The hours are fantastic!
Constantly monitored while in daycare

Lovely staff…so happy to be able to check in with the videos

Everyone was very friendly, I got a lot of information in the welcome packet, being able to watch my dog on the webcam, the three separate rooms, and how clean the kept everything

Friendliness and responsiveness has been wonderful.
Love the app and email communication options.
Curb side drop off and pick up is awesome.

Dogtopia of Canton

Dogtopia of Canton, the premier dog daycare center in Baltimore, MD, offers daycare as well as overnight boarding for dogs. We pride ourselves on having team members who are dedicated to keeping your dog safe and comfortable for however long you are away. We have proudly served dog parents in Canton, Fells Point, Baltimore and the surrounding regions since 2013.

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