Carriage Crossing Team


If this is your pup’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever!

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

At Dogtopia, our passion is giving every single dog the best-individualized care with their health, safety, and comfort as our top priority! Our home away from home environment is the perfect place for your pup to learn, play, and socialize with their BFFF (Best Furry Friends Forever).

Meet the Team

Alyssa Rhodes, Pet Parent Relationship Manager!

Alyssa plans all of our fun events every month! She also keeps up with all of our social media! She has been a Dogtopian since October 2018! You can normally catch her snapping up some pictures of your pups. She also loves to crank up the tunes and throw a dance party with the doggos!

On her off time, you can usually find her training her own dogs, competing in dog sports, or traveling with them! She keeps an active Instagram page for her 3 boys; Astro an Australian Cattle Dog, Hercules a white German Shepherd & Wild a Dalmatian. (@901brothers)

Alyssa has a huge passion for all things dog, which is why we love having her as an asset to our team!

Michayla Morgan, Canine Coach & Rover!

Michayla is always finding things to do to better our store! She has been a Dogtopian since October 2018! Michayla is great at controlling a high energy room by making sure every dog is cool and collected!

When she isn’t working with your pups, Michayla likes to take her Boxer Mix, Tokyo, on walks. She also is an anime fan!

Michayla has a drive we all wish we had! She amazes us every day & we are lucky to have her on our team !

Makayla West, Rover & Canine Coach!

Makayla always has your pups smiling to capture the best moments! She has been a Dogtopian since May 2018! She always amazes us with her new ideas to make everyday a little more crafty!

On her free time, Makayla likes to train her Husky, Neve, & post on their Instagram (@neve_the_siberian_husky). She also likes to explore local trails and parks!

We love having Makayla’s positivity & kindness as a part of our team! Her and Neve add a certain charm to our facility you won’t wanna miss out on!

Hannah Mcgee, Canine Coach & Rover!

Hannah loves every dog as if it was her own! She has been a Dogtopian since April 2019! Hannah always makes sure your pups are having the most fun possible!

When she’s home, you can find her hanging out with her 2 dogs, Piper a Mixed Breed & Missy a German Shepherd!

We love how loving and caring Hannah is with each dog! It’s so cool to see your dogs fall in love with her! We love having her on our team!

Kayla Sweeten, Front Desk & Rover!

Kayla gives a warm welcome to new caine & human customers when you walk into our lobby! She has been a Dogtopian since April 2019! Kayla always makes sure every pup is playing safe and having the most exciting day ever!

When she’s off, Kayla likes to take her 2 dogs; Max a German Shepherd & Hope a Beagle Mix on walks! Kayla has an Instagram account for her dogs she likes to keep up with (@hopingforthemaximum). She also likes to help any abandoned dogs she comes across!

We admire Kayla’s love for all dogs and all she does for them! Kayla brings a lot of great qualities to our team!

Olivia Mcgrath, Canine Coach & Rover!

Olivia loves playing games when she’s in the pack!  She has been a Dogtopian since May 2019! Olivia always keeps the rooms in tip top shape while making sure your pups are having a good,safe time!

When she’s free, Olivia likes to cuddle up with her 2 pups; Matteo a King Charles Spaniel Mix & Senora a Chihuahua Mix! She also likes to keep an Instagram account for them! (@sen_n_teo)

Olivia always keeps the rooms in tip top shape! You can typically catch her playing water games with her pack! Olivia makes sure your dog(s) have so much fun they come home tuckered out!

Rachel Clark, Canine Coach & Rover!

Rachel loves every dog’s personality! She has been a Dogtopian since October 2019! Rachel is so great at making connections with each dog while managing to keep her room super clean!

Rachel loves to train her Beagle, Jughead, & take him on hikes when she’s off! She also has a pig, Biscuit she likes to spend time with!

Rachel is an awesome coach! All the dogs cling to her! We love having her as an addition to our team!

Camila Henao, Rover & Canine Coach!

Camila brings charm into every room she goes into! She has been a Dogtopian since October 2018! Camila is the best at giving your dogs one on one cuddle time! Sometimes you may find them getting as much Camila love as possible!

On her free time, Camila likes to take her 3 dogs; Milo a Standard Poodle, Vanilla Bean a Miniature Schnauzer & Thor a Pitbull mix on adventures and walks! She also keeps up with their very own Instagram(@dogandkittymom).

We love having Camila’s light and bubbly energy to keep us going! Every pup LOVES Canine Coach Camila!

Kathryn Clark, Canine Coach & Rover!

Kate brings years of experience to the table! She has been a Dogtopian since October 2019! Kate knows exactly how to handle each dog in the room, & what it takes to make each day the most exciting day! Kate has an amazing ability to connect with all dogs!

When she’s home Kate likes to take her 3 pups; Gizmo a Pomeranian, Maria an Australian Shepherd &  Bingley an Australian Shepherd camping and hiking!

We are extremely lucky to have Kate as apart of our team! We love watching her be the dog whisperer in the play rooms!

Chandler Bergeron, Rover & Canine Coach!

Chandler loves to make your dogs day the best it can be! She has been a Dogtopian since July 2019! Chandler is amazing at keeping all the pups safe and calm when she is their Coach!

On her spare time, Chandler likes to travel! She also loves to spoil her Chihuahua Mocha! They even have their own Instagram account (@itsmochathechihuahua)!

Chandler is an excellent addition to our team because of how well she manages her playrooms! We love that each dog is willing to listen to her!

Kip & Michele Meierhofer, Owners & Operators!

Kip & Michele have been the owners since we opened in May 2018! They are both so passionate about dogs, and their business. You will most likely meet one of them in our lobby and hear all about their journey!

You can typically find them at home with their 4 dogs; Cocoa a Terrier Mix, Gigi a Golden Retriever, Riley a Hound Mix & Nora a Chow mix and maybe a few foster pups as well!

Michele & Kip have an endless love for all dogs and have a common goal to make Dogtopia a home away from home for all pups!

Jessica Castaneda, Canine Coach & Rover!

Jessica loves to learn all about your pups and get to know their individual personalities! She has been a Dogtopian since July 2019! Jessica tends to steal the hearts of our Shepherds! It’s amazing how all the dogs trust her.

On her free time Jessica likes to spend as much time as possible with her Husky, Oso. She also has an Instagram just for him(@oso_thesiberianhusky)!

Jessica always makes sure she is paying attention to each dog in her playroom to ensure they are having a super exciting day! We love how much she cares about her role here and the dogs she gets to Coach!

Aaron Helums, Rover & Canine Coach!

Aaron makes every day a fun filled day! He has been a Dogtopian since June 2019! Aaron always makes sure his room is listening to something much different than what most Canine Coaches would choose. He always makes sure each dog is getting along and making new best furry friends!

On his free time Aaron catches up on engineering school work and plays his guitar! Aaron also likes to spend his time with any local dogs around his neighborhood!

We love Aaron’s different ways to approach things and his huge love for dogs! We are so happy to have Aaron’s charming character as a part of our team!

Mary Francis Mangum, Canine Coach!

Mary Francis is the ultimate dog lover! She has been a Dogtopian since February 2020! Mary Francis always gets to know each of your dogs individually to find out their likes & dislikes! She wants to make sure her playroom is having the most fun possible!

When she’s off, Mary Francis likes to take her dogs to the dog park and snap some picture perfect shots of them! She also has an Instagram account just for them! (@chocolateshilo)!

We are so lucky to have an extremely passionate person about dogs apart of our team! Your dog is going to fall in love with her, just like we have!

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath