Carriage Crossing Team


If this is your pup’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever!

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

At Dogtopia, our passion is giving every single dog the best-individualized care with their health, safety, and comfort as our top priority! Our home away from home environment is the perfect place for your pup to learn, play, and socialize with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever).

Meet the Team

Kaysha, Chief Smile Officer

See her production of dog smiles and happiness on Facebook and Instagram. Come and visit on little known holidays such as National Cake Day, or more well-known holidays like 4th of July and Kaysha will be leading the celebration pack.

Alyssa with Chief the Australian Cattledog

Alyssa, Director of Charms and Good Spirits

You’ll often find her playing Disney tunes to set the mood for her pack.

Shelby with Aspen the German Shepherd

Shelby, Chief Whisper Officer

Shelby knows many of the dogs better than they know themselves. Shelby is not only an expert communicating with the dogs, she’s also a student pursuing a career in the animal health industry.

Michayla with Jazzy the Yorkshire Terrier

Michayla, VP of Calm Energy

Michayla can be surrounded by extremely energetic packs of dogs and manages them with poise and grace.

Averin, VP of Breeds and Behaviors

Averin brings years of experience from multiple boarding and daycare providers. When we get asked about a dog’s breed, we often ask Averin.

Makayla, VP of Art and Imagery

Animals have always seemed to pose for her, and she captures so much of our gorgeous guests in action as well as occasional still shots.

Camila, Chief Partier

You will always find Camila having a great time with the dogs and always finds the best in every single dog here!

Aarial, Chief of Dog Counseling

Aarial brings 10 years of experience to Dogtopia and loves to make sure your pup is being the best they can be! When she is in the room they are most likely having a therapy session; everyone goes home positively reinforced to be contributing members of society!