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The staff seems genuinely caring and interested in the welfare and happiness of our dogs. They’re always looking out for any signs of illness or discomfort and they’ve come to know our dogs really well.

The staff has always been so amazing. And I love the cameras.

I liked that they were able to help me with my pet kind of last minute and were kind.

When I visited Dogtopia of Crestview, the staff immediately greeted me and gave me a tour of the building. All of my questions were answered and I was impressed by the outstanding customer service!

Kindness and professionalism of staff. Care my dog receives.

Everyone we met was kind and helpful. The facility was clean and so well organized. I feel very comfortable leaving my fur baby there for the day.

Dogtopia has been pretty great in our first week. I really liked that the staff knew my dogs name the very next day that we came back. The previous daycare we attended took several weeks to remember my pup’s name. I also am finding that Ruby comes home worn out and far more calm after a day at Dogtopia compared to the other daycare we tried. This is exactly what we needed as Ruby is very large and has way too much energy for our little kids at the house. Another detail I am noticing is that the facility is really equipped for indoor play which is about to be so crucial as our temperatures begin to rise. The other daycare was mostly dependent on their outdoor play space, and I wondered what that would look like over the summertime. Lastly, the whole family really enjoys watching Ruby from the webcams. What a great idea!

Very welcoming and provided good information about what to expect from dog’s first few visits. Also, love the webcams.

I absolutely love Dogtopia of crestview. The staff is so attentive, knows me and my dog, and obviously loves and cares about every single dog that comes into their facility. I trust them completely!

Friendly staff always greet you and my dog’s tail starts wagging excitedly before we even get to the door. It’s easy to make appointments for day care and to adjust when plans change. I love that I can pay weekly for a once/week schedule but can always add days when needed without changing my weekly subscription plan. Another awesome feature is the webcam! I can check in my how my dog is doing throughout the day (outside of nap time) and even my mom in Maine enjoys logging in to see him using the family access feature online. My dog loves the place and I feel confident boarding him when we go on vacation because he’s with his canine and human friends. Highly recommend.

Dogtopia of Crestview

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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