We always have pet parents who are boarding regulars ask “why anyone would bring their dog in for daycare?” As we give them reasons you find out pretty quickly one or more of the pet parents are home and so their pups always have companions. However, there are lots of reasons for people to bring in their dogs that we see but many people don’t consider. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Chia – soaking it all in


You’re getting ready to move, you’ve just moved in, you’re showing the house, etc. The turmoil in your lives is compounded by also making sure your furry family member is safe and secure and has something to do. Daycare is a great option.

New Family member

Whether it’s adoption, a new child, bringing an elder family member in to live with you, etc. Daycare is a great way to let you focus on that priority life stage for a few days or a few weeks so that you can get everyone integrated. Also, it helps remove some of the “my house” stigmas for the dogs as they leave and find the individual there when they return. It definitely helps balance out some of the potential drama in the home.

in town guests

We often get daycare and sometimes boarding stays when out of town guests are staying with you and one or more of them aren’t dog people. We hear they exist though we don’t think we’ve met too many of them.. Giving your guests a break or a window without your pup(s) in the house allows you the time you need to connect with family. Also, a tired pup at the end of the day also helps with those nervous guests when your dog is passed out from a full day of play.


You love them but your dog doesn’t necessarily feel the same way. Graduation, retirement, birthdays, etc. Whether it’s 3 or 300 people visiting, the change in routine and having them in the house can cause some stress on them. Getting them out of the house in a familiar environment not only puts them at ease, but it also makes sure that you don’t have to worry about someone engaging with your dog in a way that you might not like and allows you to focus on friends and family.

having work done

Re-roofing isn’t something that’s easy for you to listen to let alone your dog. However, a bunch of workers in/out all day long as they paint, garden, and do general improvements can really stress you out and your dog(s) as well.

kids sleepovers

This is more of a boarding solution but it falls into the same category as parties. With 4-15 kids staying over you probably won’t get much sleep. Your furry family member probably would appreciate their own sleepover with their BFFF’s (Best Furry Friends Forever).


Halloween can be pretty scary, for your dog, it is even scarier with people dressed up they don’t know and all that doorbell ringing. 4th of July is the day more dogs run away than any other. While these are also more boarding focused they still can be stressful times for your pup.


In our profile, Diann and Mike talk about their first dog (Santa’s Little Helper) and how over time her world got smaller and smaller as she had reactivity to other dogs. We just removed her from those situations. Her nervousness didn’t get better, just worse. While her last 3-5 years were great they were limited to contact with about 8 people and nothing else. That confidence is something that exposure to daycare would have improved and possibly improved her life experience.

Daycare isn’t right for every dog but it is a great solution for nearly every dog. Take a tour, pummel us with questions and find out more about what Dogtopia can do to help you and your dog.