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5 Day Pass: $31/day
10 Day Pass: $29/day
20 Day Pass: $28/day
30 Day Pass: $27/day
Unlimited and Half Day Passes Available

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

At Dogtopia of Edmond, we treat your pup to fun-filled daycare days of socializing with other dogs, interacting with our caring team, exercising and burning off plenty of pent-up energy. Whether you need to leave them for a couple of hours while you run errands or for the entire day when you’re at work, we offer daycare packages to suit every need. Your pup will make new friends in a fun environment.

WHY CHOOSE Dogtopia of Edmond?

With dog obesity on the rise, staying physically fit is more important than ever. At Dogtopia, dogs enjoy open-play in our spacious, climate-controlled playrooms that feature compressed rubberized flooring designed with your dog’s comfort in mind.

Here are a few of the other benefits:

  • Lots of attention from our dog-loving team
  • Supervised open play
  • Climate-controlled play areas
  • True K-9 grass in our outdoor “recess” area
  • Webcam access
  • Team trained in dog body language
  • Compressed rubberized floors


Dog daycare should be more than just a place to leave your dog when you’re unable to be with them. At Dogtopia, we treat your pup to fun-filled days of socializing with other dogs and interacting with our caring team. Exercising and burning off plenty of pent-up energy is what your dog will do all day. You’ll no longer feel guilty about not having enough time or energy to play with your dog after a long day of work. At the end of every day, you’ll pick up a perfectly happy pup.


Socialization is important for your dog and our open-play environment where we separate dogs by size and temperament. We then assign them to one of our three different playrooms so they get to play with “like-minded” pups. Positive experiences with loving dogs and humans are vital for your dog. Our highly-trained Canine Coaches provide the supervision to ensure that our dogs get safe socialization. This lets them be happy well-balanced pups.


Physical fitness is a necessity for your dog and daycare is the solution. Our play environment allows your dog to play with who they want to when they want to. Whether it’s using the agility equipment, chasing their friends around, doing a little wrestling or whatever they want they’ll get the exercise they need.


Education is also an important part of dog daycare. We work with your dog to make sure that they know some basic commands (sit, friends, etc.) as well as how to properly engage with people and other dogs. The other dogs in the playroom help ensure that all dogs are using proper communication skills as they improve their non-verbal dog language.

individualized play

Sometimes you just want your pup to have some one-on-one time with a human. We can accommodate that, just let us know if you want us to throw them a ball, play fetch, cuddle, etc. We can pull them from play for a 10-minute $5 private session as often as you’d like. Just let us know what you need when you drop your pup off and how many sessions you want and we’ll make it happen.


Our certified Canine Coaches are trained to manage and educate dogs of all breeds. You’ll get periodic report cards to keep you in the loop on your dog’s behavior, their new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever), and tips for how you can replicate what we work on in the playrooms at home.

To find out more, please fill out our contact form. Our friendly team will be more than happy to find the dog daycare package that meets both your dog’s needs and your budget.

cancellation policy

We are consistently reaching capacity, especially at the end of the week, and major holidays. As a result, we are turning away clients. This means when you reserve daycare or boarding you own your pup’s “spot.” If you schedule a daycare day and it is approved, you must cancel at least 1 hour prior to the close of business the day before, or a $15 charge will be placed on your account. Canceling early opens that space up for another pup and allows us enough time to contact the pups on the waitlist.

pick-up and drop-off times

We are requiring reservations through the app, over the phone, and in-person to provide estimated pick-up and drop-off times. This allows us to accommodate as many pups as we can each day since several clients utilize our half-day passes. Clients must provide an estimated pick-up and drop-off time. If you anticipate that you will be later or earlier than 30 minutes you need to call so we can adjust our schedule. We may need to remove your pup from play if you are 15 minutes late to keep the rooms at a manageable level if we don’t have a notice.

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