DAY DOG Training

While we love dogs, we really love dogs that behave and listen! The goal of Dogtopia Day Dog Training is pretty simple, we get your pup to do what you want, when you want, the first time you ask. The benefit of our training process is the combination of socialization and one-on-one training. We have developed a thorough training program to help dogs with their behavioral needs, both socially around other dogs and around people.

By the end of their sessions, you’ll be able to put your dog into any social setting and know they will respond to your commands. Whether you have a new puppy, want to sharpen your older dog’s manners, or expand their skill set, Dogtopia training can be tailored to your pup’s needs and will help enhance the joy of pet parenthood.

How it works:

Your dog comes for dog daycare over a three-week period where they get one on one training while they are in our facility. You drop your dog off as you go about your day and pick them up at the end of the day while we work with them on their behaviors. Each Saturday, we do a one on one recap class where we work with you to make sure you know everything, we have been teaching your dog.


Dogtopia daycare is more than just a place to leave your dog. At Dogtopia, it’s where they interact all day! Your dog will learn to properly socialize and become well-mannered around other dogs and control their emotions and energy. This is a key component to their development and very unique to our training process, you also reap the rewards with a tired pup at night. They attend daycare every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the 3 consecutive week training program.


Your dog will receive three thirty-minute sessions each weekday and two thirty-minute sessions each weekend day with our professional trainer. Dogs have to shift gears from excited play mode to obedience mode, it’s a challenge but this mimics real life when you need your dog to be obedient during exciting times. Our professional trainer will work with your dog on mastering ten (10) training commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Off, Come, Home (Kennel), Touch, & Focus).


Also, when you pick up your dog each Saturday, you will also have a 30-minute recap with our trainer at a scheduled time to go over what was taught that week and how to reinforce the training at home. There are several great tips and tricks we will give you to help around the house and on those walks!

Dogtopia Day Class Training Program – $990 includes:

  • 12 days of daycare (9 weekdays/3 weekends) over 3 weeks
  • 18 hours / 36 sessions of one on one and group training over 3 weeks
    • 33 – thirty-minute one on one training sessions over 12 days
    • 3 – thirty-minute one on one recap sessions

Already a daycare client or want to build it into a boarding stay? We can add training to any program. However, the same 3-week schedule with the exact same daycare days is required since trainer schedules are fixed.


  • Your dog has to be current on four vaccinations – Rabies, Distemper, Cainine Influenza & Bordetella
  • Your dog has to be spayed/neutered if they are older than 7 months.

2024 Training Schedule

Individualized training runs for a three (3) week period. 2 sessions are staggered around 4th of July and Labor day with slightly different schedules.

  • 2024 Winter Session 1: Individualized Training – 1/8/2024 – 1/27/2024
  • 2024 Winter Session 2: Individualized Training – 1/29/2024 – 2/17/2024
  • 2024 Winter Session 3: Individualized Training – 2/19/2024 – 3/9/2024
  • 2024 Spring Session 1: Individualized Training – 3/25/2024 – 4/13/2024
  • 2024 Spring Session 2: Individualized Training – 4/15/2024 – 5/4/2024
  • 2024 Spring Session 3: Individualized Training – 5/6/2024 – 5/25/2024
  • 2024 Summer Session 1: Individualized Training – 5/27/2024 – 6/15/2024
  • 2024 Summer Session 2: Individualized Training – 6/17/2024 – 7/6/2024 (4th of July vacationers can adjust the last 2 individual training days the w/o 7/8)
  • 2024 Summer Session 3: Individualized Training – 7/15/2024 – 8/3/2024
  • 2024 Summer Session 4: Individualized Training – 8/5/2024 – 8/24/2024
  • 2024 Fall Session 1: Individualized Training – 8/26/2024 – 9/14/2023 (Labor Day weekend with hiatus with staggered schedule)
  • 2024 Fall Session 2: Individualized Training – 9/16/2024 – 10/5/2024
  • 2024 Fall Session 3: Individualized Training – 10/7/2024 – 10/26/2024
  • 2024 Winter Session 1: Individualized Training – 10/28/2024 – 11/16/2024
  • 2024 Winter Session 2: Individualized Training – 12/2/2024 – 12/21/2024

TRAining COMMAND videos

We’ve had a number of pet parents ask for the verbal and hand signals for our commands. Here’s each one for easy reference when you’re practicing at home:












TRAining videos

Here’s Daisy working on PLACE. The PLACE command comes in very handy when you need your pup to spend time not moving as you answer the door, welcome guests in, have to move things, etc., and don’t want your pup underfoot.

Here’s Chewy showing off PLACE and COME.

Here’s Yennefer showing a series of commands including PLACE, SIT, STAY and COME.



Listen to Karen talk about Gracie and the improvement she’s seen in her confidence, manageability, and behavior.

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