Dogtopia is a one-of-a-kind dog daycare, we bring a modern take on socializing dogs and have a focus on building trust with our pet parents through transparency. We help enable dogs to live a better life through socializing, educating, and exercising them in our all-day open play daycare. We are far and beyond the most progressive and positive place for dogs and employees as well, and we invite you to come to join us as we grow!

The rules by which we, as Dogtopians live by are

We LOVE life unconditionally like a dog.

We STAY loyal to our pack.

We CHASE the absolute highest standards of safety.

We PLAY to our fullest potential.

We TREAT every day like It’s the Most Exciting Day Ever!

What we offer: Let’s look at what Dogtopia does for you!

  • It’s always bring your dog to work day!
  • Education in basic dog obedience and training
  • Fun, dynamic team culture with more locations across the country
  • Career progression based on performance
  • Additional certification programs available
  • Competitive wages with flexibility in scheduling
  • Learn key skills related to customer service, teamwork, or even sales!

Now that we have the fun out of the way let’s get into what you can offer us.

As the Canine Coach, you are responsible for leading the playroom full of our furry friends by maintaining a safe and fun environment. You will be taught how to command a playroom monitor body language and behavior, as well as our cleaning programs.

Dog lovers dream no more, you will be able to build relationships with tons of dogs who regularly attend daycare. We regularly meet new dogs and you will work with them along with all dogs in the playroom on building their confidence, building trust with them and making them feel comfortable in the store, and correcting improper interactions. One of our core goals, in fact, our mission is to socialize dogs! We will also clean throughout the day to keep the playroom sanitary.

A successful candidate must love dogs of all breeds, we can help teach the rest! Those applying should be strong-willed, have a strong work ethic, and be willing to work with groups of energetic dogs. Candidates must be consistent with their punctuality and have a set availability that will not change in the near future.

New employees will start with 3 -4 hours of classes on our online training system with courses independently certified by both the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). You then start by shadowing our current employees to ensure you are fully prepared. You will start on a probationary period to ensure consistent timely attendance.

Job responsibilities include but may not be limited to:

Supervise Playrooms

  • Help dogs have the Most Exciting Day Ever!
  • Maintain control of dogs in open play ensuring a safe environment
  • Continuously on your feet showing the dogs attention and care
  • Complete the setup and/or close down of playrooms
  • Prevent play from escalating by calming and separating dogs when play gets too rough.
  • Be aware of the environment at all times and monitor special need dogs

Cleaning Duties

  • Playrooms are continually cleaned throughout the shift to ensure a safe and sanitary environment.
  • Daily and weekly cleaning assignments typically include moving and sanitizing crates up to 48” x 24” as well as vacuuming and mopping the walls, floors and play equipment with sanitizing solutions.

Health and Grooming

  • Giving dogs baths and/or nail trims. Proper procedures include the use of appropriate shampoo for the dog, appropriate use of bathing equipment, and the clean-up of the bathing area upon completion.
  • Ability to understand and follow without exception the Feeding List, Medication List and Allergy List to ensure that all health standards are met consistently


  • Ability to work cohesively with a team in both a respectful and professional manner
  • Effectively communicates both orally and written. Communicate relevant information to front desk via walkie-talkie. Complete daily room logs with dog names, descriptions, and other behavioral notes for team members coming in after you.
  • Always showing love for the dogs while being polite and respectful to our customers when dropping off and picking up.
  • Maintains consistent time and attendance standards
  • – Follows company dress code guidelines to help ensure safety while with dogs
  • – Reliable attendance and on time for scheduled shifts, in the case of an emergency effectively communicate in advance of issues to allow time for proper coverage.
  • Takes their own development as a personal responsibility and uses mistakes or challenges as an opportunity to grow to a higher standard of performance.

Please take a moment and watch this short video to learn more about the brand:

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Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $12- $13 per hour

Job Type: Part-time