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Obedience PROGRAM

Training Includes the Following Each Week 
(15) 30-minute One-on-one Sessions
30 Hours of Socialization
Your Weekly 1 hr Class with the Trainer
Group Classes (total of 4 included at end of the program)

This comprehensive program is designed to teach obedience in the presence of distractions. Our professional trainer will have (3) 30-min dedicated one-on-one training sessions with your dog each day. We teach all the commands you’ll need and also focus on leash work to help with excessive pulling. Your dog is taught to hold commands until you free them as we simulate real-life distractions that really challenge them. There are two training programs we offer, a two-week course and a three-week course. The programs are the same curriculum, but the three-week program has more advanced work. The three-week course is great if your dog is more challenging or if you just want the most out of the training program to ensure your dog is the best your dog could possibly be. We do have a Board & Train option if you prefer to leave your dog here during the duration of the program. Day-class customers will drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up in the evening just as they would normally for daycare.

Teaching you how to communicate with your dog is just as important to us as teaching your dog commands, so included in this program is a one-hour session each week with our trainer to learn what was taught to your dog as well as how to reinforce our training at home. There are several great tips and tricks we will give you to help with raising your pup and we can help address any specific questions you have. Your dog will have an assigned trainer and they will work with them exclusively. Each trainer only is assigned four dogs per week, so they get to know your dog very well. When not with the trainer, they will be socializing in the daycare area.

Socializing is a unique benefit that Dogtopia offers and is hugely important to your dog’s development. Our award-winning daycare is truly one of a kind! In the playrooms, dogs will gain confidence as they spend hours each day learning how to interact with dogs of various breeds and temperaments. Our certified Canine Coaches are observing and they will reinforce the training commands like their verbal recall, their sit, and their stay. We encourage good play habits and help break bad habits like jumping on people, mouthiness, face barking, and much more. Group classes are the most exciting part of this program for many and the final step in your obedience journey. Classes consist of other dogs and their owners who have graduated. The biggest difference in a group class is that you have the leash now, not the trainer. Our trainers set very clear boundaries with the dogs and here we want to help you set those same boundaries. We really push your dog with distraction tests using the other dogs and owners while helping you correct them at key times. Once they are able to hold their commands in Group class they then can do so while you are in public, at stores, or on walks where will encounter several distractions.

Classes take place on Tuesdays at 6pm and four classes are included. You can join us back in Group Class any week for a small fee if you get busy and find it’s time to brush up on their skills. Please contact us to schedule your training by calling 636-283-2444. Please see the videos made by our trainer to explain the classes and the benefits of each command. Training Videos: Click here!

   (4) Group Classes are included with each program which takes place after your dog has graduated.
Two-Week Day Train Course – 5 Days per Week. Drop off in the morning and pick up in the late afternoon.
Three-Week Course – 5 Days per Week. Drop off in the morning and pick up in the late afternoon.
Board & Train – Your dog will board here during the training program. Two or three-week courses available.

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If your dog is not old enough to attend daycare or training yet, you can still come to our free puppy class to help introduce them to socialization and learn about training concepts! Contact us to learn more.


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