Until further notice, our store will operate with curbside service only. A staff member will come to your car to get your dog and re-deliver to your car when you pick up, the lobby will be closed to non-employees. This is super easy with our Dogtopia App, simply click the Drop Off button when you arrive!

Ellisville Pricing

Dog Daycare

Daycare Passes

Full Day $35
5-Day Pass $33/day

New Store Special: Get 1 Bonus Day w/ Purchase

10-Day Pass $32/day

New Store Special: Get 2 Bonus Days w/ Purchase

Half Day / Saturday / Sunday $22

Webcam Access – Included for all dogs

Daycare Passes – Do Not Ever Expire


BFFFs $30/day

8 visits/month

Really Big Deal $27/day

12 visits/month

Top Dog $25/day

20 visits/month

Membership Benefits

10% off Boarding for Members

10% off Spa Rates for Members

Any days accrued do not ever expire or get lost, even if you cancel.


Dog Boarding

Daycare with Standard Boarding $55/night
Additional Boarding Options Available Please Call

Book and Pre Pay 14 Days In Advance and Receive 10% off!

Multi-dog Discounts – 2 or more dogs receive 10% off total

All-Inclusive Price – All Day Daycare, Boarding, Outside Playtime, Feeding, Administering Medication, Webcam Access

*Boarding dogs not picked up by 12 pm next day will incur 1/2 day daycare fee. Additional restrictions may apply.

Dog Spa

Full Spa Package $40 - $70 (varies by size)
Bath $15 - $45 (varies by size)
Nail Trim $15
Ear Cleaning $8
Teeth cleaning $10
Blueberry Facial $10 (+$6 to Spa Package)
Perfect Pawdicure $12 (+$8 to Spa Package)

Tiny ($10lbs. or less)          Small (10-20 lbs.)     

Medium (20-50 lbs.)          Large (50-90 lbs.)     

Extra Large (>90 lbs.)

Add $5 for medium hair/coat, add $10 for long hair/heavy coat

Please contact us for pricing for our spa services as it is dependent on breed, size and coat condition. Our Full Spa Service treatment includes bath with special deshedding shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and blow dry.

Deshedding Dog Shampoo contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to nourish your dog’s skin. It also has pomegranate and awapuhi to help remove excess hair and eliminate tangles plus oatmeal and coconut for healthy skin.

Dog Training


An incredible value,

10 Days of Daycare +

10 Days of Training +

4 Group Classes

Day Class at Dogtopia is the answer to your training needs! Dogtopia has developed a thorough training program to help dogs with their behavioral needs, both socially around other dogs and directly with obedience to people. Day Class includes all-day daycare in Dogtopia’s huge playrooms as well as multiple one-on-one training sessions throughout the day with our professional trainer. This is a 10-day program that also includes 4 group classes that take place after dogs complete their foundation training.

We start with foundation training, here our professional trainer will work with your dog on mastering ten training commands. For the initial foundation training, you will drop your dog off at Dogtopia (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday). When not working individually with our professional trainer, your dog will take part in our daycare where they will sniff, play, and socially interact with other dogs and our canine coaches. Group class will take place on Saturdays after foundation training is complete. Group class is where we really test your dog and they prepare for real-world scenarios. Once they can hold their commands in Group they can do so out and about in public at stores, parks, or on walks with several distractions going on. Watch the videos from our trainer below to learn more.

When you pick up your dog on each Saturday, you will also have a 30-minute recap with our trainer to go over what was taught that week and how to reinforce the training at home, there are several great tips and tricks we will give you to help around the house and on those walks! Please see the link below which will take you to our videos made by our trainer to explain the classes and the benefits of each command. When you are ready to schedule your first visit, please contact us for available dates and times at [email protected] or by calling 636-283-2444.

Training Videos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cQM3i-YKYH2fdxQLQKSvKC8PYiSZsNyd