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1709 S State Road 135, Greenwood, Indiana 46143

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Loved the CARE TAKEN to introduce our dog to the group. This was his first time at any daycare and he wasn’t all that interested in coming out to see the 25 other dogs that all wanted to meet him. So the staff member stayed with him and then let him sit between her legs while the other dogs had a chance to meet him. He eventually ventured out and started to intermingle with the other dogs. Day 2, he pulled me into the building and happily went off with staff member.

LOVE THE VIDEO CAMERAS! Very reassuring to be able to see how he was doing his first couple of days. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. His second day, they were outside where there was the baby pool and the staff member was squirting water. Great fun for dogs.

Love how CLEAN and NEW the place is. And the floor is SOFT so not harsh on joints when they jump on and off the play equipment.

Love that there are three different large rooms with their own outdoor playgrounds so the dogs can be in a group most appropriate for them.

Staff is always extremely friendly, helpful and responsive. The facility is always clean and a safe environment. Love the different package options & boarding services as well.

My dog loves to go to Dogtopia. We used to go to one in Commerce, MI, and he loved it there, so we gave greenwood, IN a shot, and he can’t get enough. Thanks for being great!

The tour, the web cams, the first day daycare brochure and friendly staffing

Everyone seems to love dogs. I am notified right away if there’s a problem.

The people are awesome

The people at Dogtopia have been great and they have been patient with our dog who was a rescue and a bit shy and timid.

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable, facility was clean and organized. All dogs seemed to be having a good time!

Cleaning, Staff training, friendliness.

I just love how sufficient & fast paced they are! I bring my dog here 2-3 days a week and it’s just amazing. I get to watch her on camera when I can. I’d definitely recommend this place to lots of people! ☻

Dogtopia of Greenwood

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