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Staff is friendly and professional. Management is flexible and easy to work with. My dog loves it there!

I love how attentive & accommodating the staff is.

You are all incredibly kind and loving to our sweet Lab puppy Willo. It is a special part of every day for her when she can be with you all and her dog friends. Keep doing all the great fun stuff you do to make happy dogs!!!

The staff is kind and knows my dog in a way that positive and happy.

Enforce hygienic standards I was led to believe could be expected – these have improved a good deal from when I complained a few wks ago, but even now the 2 coaches still do not meet your standard. I have dropped on cameras a couple of times in the last 2 wks &consistently the good coaches are doing great & same 2 substandard ones are not -x to clean, not rinsing mops. Today i decided I would sign off when the mop got rinsed -30min, multi puddles wiped, mop still not dunked in 1 much less 2 buckets; just used repeated to clean up puddle after puddle, smearing urine soaked mop over new urine puddle. The coach was wiping them up quickly. That was an improvement from the other bad coach last wkend that was still leaving puddles for a long x, possibly b/c she couldn’t divorce her phone from her hand. I really can’t believe I am always logging on at bad moments in these 2 coaches days. Kuddos to the star coaches, like Abby!!! Also, the coach in Park today 5/25 a.m. was and has in past reprimanded dogs by grabbing by collar, not using lead. Also doesn’t intervene with walking around to distract, escalating to walking problem dog on lead. She went straight to crating after talking to it or pulling it by collar. I am less clear on what the policy is on this and know things can be subjective, but given I have seen this more than once from her and don’t see the layered approach I see from other coaches, I am dubious that it is what dogtopia would espouse.

Great management, great staff! My dog stopped going there once he hit the 7 month mark until recently (we waited to neuter him until he was older). But he remember them and they remembered him, which was great!

My only issue is the dogs smell after we pick them up. I’ve taken my dog to the Ahwatukee and Uptown location and they always came out smelling like the clean HVAC or whatever cleaning scent was used. This location is lacking that maybe? Picking them up always requires us rolling the windows down and immediately giving them a bath upon getting home.

The staff are all professional. They are excellent with the dogs, understand canine behavior, and demonstrate genuine caring. I appreciate all of them!

Your caring and knowledgeable staff

Service is great. Workers are all wonderful

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