Written by Pet Parent

“I adopted my little fur Baby when she was 7 weeks. She is full of energy, she wants to play all the time but she also afraid of people since she had never interacted with other people except me. She also has severe separation anxiety.
The first few days I had her, she went to animal ER because she had bad sore throat since she cried all day long when I went to work. Few times i had to go home in the middle of work, because I was so worry about her, but it made her worse when i had to leave her again. Few times also I was about to give her up, since I couldn’t keep up with her.  When I came from work, I had to play with her till late at night and she didnt want to sleep, meanwhile I have to get up early morning to go to work. She also liked to chew everything because of her anxiety.
Until one day I saw Dogtopia Cypress, the next weekend I went with my Baby to do meet and greet. And there we are..more than 2 months she is in daycare everyday, she is completely changed. When she comes home, she is more calm, she is well behaved at home, she doesnt chew stuff anymore.  I am more comfortable at work and don not worry about her anymore, since I can check her any time through webcam.
David, So and all the staffs are kind and gentle to my Baby..She likes to play with all of her friends at daycare. She is not afraid of people anymore.
I am so thankful to find this place, especially during this difficult time, when I have to go to work, Dogtopia always there for my Baby..thank you, Dogtopia Cypress!!!”
Nia Cendana
Pet Parent
Dogtopia of Cypress Customer