Written by Pet Parent

“Scruffy is a rescue from Ansan, South Korea. He was born in a shelter and if he wasn’t rescued he wouldn’t of made it in the snow(winter) as the dog shelter didn’t have much shelter(cover).  When I picked him up for the first time he wouldn’t stop shaking even though I was hugging him so tightly.  He was a good puppy and learned his basic commands in Korean fast.  As a rescue he was timid, afraid of men(previously abused), and lacked social play with other dogs. He was a foster fail, but I have no regrets ❤️. Scruffy did not social play even when I took him to dog cafes or dog parks. He was so scared of the biggest and tiniest dogs. When we started dog daycare at dogtopia, I was worried. I knew he needed more social play than with his mini doxie siblings.  I informed dogtopia of his fears and how I have attempted to socialize him. He quickly warmed up to owner So instantly. Within a few hours after formal canine temperament test, he warmed up to David. I was so surprised because it took my husband weeks before Scruffy would warm up to him. I was shocked!!! My dog was playing with other dogs and he allowed canine male coaches pet him and love on him. I knew this was the best place for my dog and good rehabilitation in a safe environment. Scruffy loves Dogtopia ❤️ Cypress and they love him!!!”

Alyssa Cavasos
Pet Parent
Dogtopia of Cypress Customer
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