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    Dogtopia of Yorktown

    Who can resist those puppy eyes when you’re heading out the door? Replace your pup’s feelings of loneliness with those of tail-wagging gratitude when you bring them to Dogtopia of Yorktown! General Manager Kristina Morris welcomes you and your pup to the premiere destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services in Yorktown, New York. Our dog-loving, knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing your pup with a safe, healthy and fun environment when they can learn, grow and thrive!

    Our facility is conveniently located just off of the Taconic State Parkway on Route 202 directly behind the Taconic Route 202 24-hour Veterinary Center. You can find us near the Staples Shopping Center, which features multiple stores including BJs Wholesale Club, Party City, Dunkin’ Donuts, a pizza place, Staples and a pet supply store. Drop off your pup for some fun with other dogs while you go shopping!

    Our location is extremely convenient if you take the Taconic southbound on your way to work in the morning, making pick-ups and drop-offs a breeze.

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      Our goal is to raise the bar for the entire industry and set the standard for what it takes to run a safe and clean doggie daycare. We’re proud to be to a Top Dog facility.

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      We chase the absolute highest standards of safety in everything we do! Our goal is to make sure all pups in our care are happy, safe and comfortable.

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      Our webcams let you check in on your pup from any desktop or mobile device. Have peace of mind they are safe and comfortable while you’re away.

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      We realize that your dog is a furry member of your family and they deserve the highest level of care. That’s why we offer expert advice and tips on a wide range of topics related to dog behavior, health, safety and more!

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    Dog of the Week

    For the week of 03-20-2023

    Name: Scout D.
    Age: 1 year 5 months
    Breed: Hound Mix
    Favorite Activities: Scout is the life of the party in any of the playrooms and loves to liven up the room!
    Friends: Lincoln (Australian Cattle Dog), Darla (Lab), Luna Z. (Rat terrier) and Ziggy C. (Lab mix)
    Most Lovable Qualities: Scout is a total party animal and brings lovable energy to daycare!


    Our facility features three large indoor playrooms as well as three outdoor play yards for your pups to play in with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)! The outdoor yards all use canine turf, which is a hypoallergenic substance that the pups get to run around on and play with their friends. It is great for the joints in their legs and helps to keep the dogs clean, cool and comfortable in the summer and avoid the cold, hard ground in the winter.

    Each of our indoor playrooms is fully equipped with its own climate-controlled HVAC unit that regulates the temperature and keeps your pup feeling comfortable throughout play and nap time. UV Lighting and Synexis® microbial reduction systems help to disinfect our playrooms as well as eliminate any airborne bacteria or illness, providing your dog with the safest air to breathe.

    Another benefit that makes Dogtopia of Yorktown unique is that we are located next to an emergency 24-hour veterinary clinic. While we always strive to keep the safest environment possible, in case anything was to happen, you can rest assured that your pup will be immediately cared for next door.


    As much as we love our four-legged family members, life gets busy and it’s not always possible to make the time to shower them with the love and attention they deserve. At Dogtopia of Yorktown, we strive to enrich the lives of the dogs in our community by providing flexible half or full day daycare services. Rather than leaving your pup home alone to experience boredom and separation anxiety, bring them to Dogtopia to enjoy hours of exercise, socialization, mental stimulation and attention from our dog-loving certified Canine Coaches. Your pup will enjoy up to 10 hours of off-leash, open-play with like-minded pups in an environment that is both clean and safe.

    Not only does your dog get to burn off all their pent-up energy, they will also gain valuable skills and learn how to better socialize with humans and other dogs, which will ultimately help them become well-behaved at home and in the community.

    Going on vacation is made easy with our flexible boarding packages. You can treat your pup to their own staycation when you board them at Dogtopia of Yorktown, where they will have their MOST Exciting Days Ever, as well as restful, calm nights.

    Dogtopia of Yorktown also offers a range of luxury spa services that will not only maintain your pup’s hygiene, but also have them feeling pampered and looking fresh!

    Our services include:

    Dogtopia of Yorktown has earned certification status as a Heroes for Healthy PetsTM facility. The Heroes for Healthy PetsTM Certification Program in Infectious Disease Management provides training for preventative care, including strategic vaccination, and cleaning and disinfection protocols to help maintain disease-free facilities and keep pets healthy.

    The program is co-sponsored by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America, Pet Sitters International, VETgirl, and Barkleigh Productions.


    We have webcams in each of our playrooms and outdoor spaces to provide pet parents with access to watch your pup at play. If you ever see anything that you have a question about, please feel free to ask. The cameras are there so you can have the peace of mind, knowing your pup is in perfectly capable hands.


    Before bringing your dog in for a fun-filled day of play, we ask that you first bring them in for a Meet and Greet session with one of our certified Canine Coaches. This will help us get to know your pup and determine if our off-leash, open play environment is the right fit for them.

    To schedule your pup’s Meet and Greet, please give us a call at 914-930-8131 or fill out our contact form.

    • Dogtopia of Yorktown

      Dogtopia of Yorktown

    • Dogtopia of Yorktown

      Dogtopia of Yorktown

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      Our Lobby

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