Omaha-Papillion Dog Grooming

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Deshed Package: $37-$77
Departure Bath: $15-$55
Nail Trim/Nail Grind: $10-$17
Ear Cleaning: $5

Squeaky clean, smelling fresh & looking like a million bones.
You know how enjoyable a day at the spa can be so why not give your dog the same treatment? We offer spa services that will leave your canine feeling like a pampered pup. Whether your dog just needs their nails clipped or a full wash and dry, our fully trained spa attendants will take care of all of your pet’s needs.

Our spa is a relaxing environment. We offer the choice of professional spa services or you can take advantage of self-service bathing stations if you want to bathe your dog but don’t want to cause a mess in your bathroom.

Dog Grooming & Spa Services

Caring for your dog’s hygiene is about more than just making them look and smell good; it’s also about keeping them healthy and happy with freshly clipped nails and cleaned ears. Our team will take the time to ensure that your dog is clean. If you’re bathing your dog yourself, they will show you how to use everything and clean up afterwards.

Our spa offers the following services;

  • Full Grooming Packages
  • De-matting/ Hand Scissoring Services
  • Deshed Packages and Departure Baths
  • Fluff Dry and Brush Out
  • Nail trim or Grind
  • Ear Cleaning / Teeth Brushing / Anal Gland Expression

Clipping your dog’s nails is something that is best left up to the professionals. Our spa attendants will hold your dog still and know just how far to snip. Teeth brushing will eliminate the dreaded “doggy breath.” Dental hygiene is important to your dog’s overall health, as is ear cleaning, which is also offered at Dogtopia.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Despite what the funny videos online may show, bathing your dog at home can be an ordeal that leaves your washroom a mess and both you and your dog stressed. Our facilities feature a do-it-yourself dog washing area with custom-made tubs that are suited to dogs of all sizes. We have shampoo, conditioner and everything you will need on-site, or you can bring your own. Our team will take care of the clean-up for you. We also offer a number of drying options if your dog is nervous about loud noises.  Please call ahead to schedule.

Dog Grooming and Spa Facility

We are Omaha’s Premier Dog Grooming and Spa facility.  Our in-house groomer, Natalie, has been in her profession for over six years and has been with Dogtopia for two of those years.  Her professionalism and hard-work ethic are only a few of the qualities that have made her so successful.  There are a couple photos in the gallery below that showcase her “before and after” work with large and small dogs.  We can’t wait to meet your pup and transform them into a new dog!  Please contact us or check out our pricing page for more details!

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Our Facility

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Our Spa

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Dogtopia Dog Grooming And Spa

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Barkley: Before And After

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Boo Berry Facial

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Dogtopia Spa

  • Dogtopia Omaha Spa

    Before And After

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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