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13001 N Tatum Blvd Suite C01, Phoenix, Arizona 85032

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Committed, well-trained personnel who work with the dogs, providing some “coaching” while they watch the dogs. Great facility. Staff quickly come to know each dog they care for.

One suggestion or request … okay, well, two requests … is to make the cameras available on weekends AND, most importantly to me, angle the camera so as to stop showing me the ceiling and provide views of as much of the floor/room as possible. In the “Gym” (which is where my dog stays), I can’t see the spot my dog favors for when she wants to just kind of chill and stay apart from the crowd – close to the entry door. Also if she’s crated in any of the crates along that wall where the camera is, I can’t tell. Ceiling is useless. View of dog, useful.

The staff is friendly, I like that there is scheduled nap time as well as enrichment activities.

Brody loves coming to daycare at Dogtopia. He gets so excited when the tech comes out to take him back to his playroom. He jumps and dances. I appreciate the effort made to best fit him into the group of dogs. He loves to play and can sometimes act inappropriately. The staff work to redirect his energy or if that doesn’t work, they put him in a crate to calm down.

Missy loves coming to Dogtopia at PV. They take the time to understand her needs and have helped her build confidence and play skills with other animals.

My pups love coming to play!

Everything. It’s a great place, clean and friendly staff.

Nails were unevenly trimmed. One paw may have been missed, as several nails are.longer and still hot the floor

Friendly staff!

My pups love coming there to play, the staff is very professional, friendly and helpful,

The staff always takes great care of our dog.

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