Grooming is a chance to give your dog’s body a proper health and wellness check. There are many potential problems that can be recognized or come to light if you are consistent with your grooming. The sooner you discover a problem, the more likely you or your veterinarian will be able to assist your dog.

Regularly brushing your dog will not only strengthen your bond with them, but will help in maintaining a healthy and clean coat. As you are brushing them, you may notice lumps, bumps, scabs, scratches, matts and other abnormalities hidden within their coat that may be causing them pain or pose bigger health issues. Shedding is something that most pet parents have to deal with and try to manage, and brushing regularly can majorly relieve that. Brushing stimulates the oil in their skin that will keep their coat shiny, strong, and healthy.

Nail trimming is one of the most overlooked parts of dog grooming when most dogs need nail trims every 1-2 months. When you are trimming nails, you may come across a sensitive spot, abnormality, split nail, scratched or ripped paw pad or something caught or embedded in their paw pads. Neglecting your dog’s nails is one of the worst things you can put your dog through. Long nails aren’t just unhealthy and uncomfortable for your dog; they can make your dog change their way of moving to the sides of their feet and cause permanent damage to their paws, legs or other body parts such as bone deformations, arthritis and overall contribution to more significant, longstanding bodily ailments. There is a high likelihood that overgrown nails can grow into the paw pads, leading towards infection and may even require surgery. Overgrown nails can also snag on things, split, and break at multiple parts causing bleeding and possible long-term breakage or impairment. It is incredibly critical to keep them at the correct length to prevent long-term damage.

If you don’t introduce your dog to cutting their nails when they are young or soon after you get them, they may pose difficulties which are stressful for you and your dog when it comes time to finally tend to their nails. If they are started young and done consistently, it will prevent your dog’s quick from growing out with their nail, and you can even maintain a shorter, healthier quick length, along with building up their tolerance, and having a smoother experience overall.  Dogs can develop an aversion and detestation to nail trims once they experience pain from it. Although it can be a challenging, time consuming task, it is a responsibility of pet parents and the best course is to start young with the accurate ways and techniques plus attention to details and being cautious.

Just like us, dogs need routine teeth care plus occasional vet visits to get their teeth deep cleaned. When you are brushing your dog’s teeth, you may discover sore or bleeding gums and bad breath which can pose complex health problems like tartar build up, abscesses, gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth loss and possible damage to other organs.

Keeping the inside of your pup’s ears cleansed and hygienic regularly will prevent wax and accumulation of bacteria, ear infections, ear mites and other ailments along with making your dog primarily more comfortable. If they have fold ears or drop ears, it is more likely their ears can get infected because the air doesn’t circulate properly so demands more frequent cleanings.

 Anal gland expression is done to maintain your canine’s hygiene. Some dog breeds are not able to release their own anal glands expressions themselves which may result in the glands failing to empty, causing buildup of bacteria, discomfort, distress and potential medical issues like infection and cysts. They may be dragging their bottom on the ground, biting or licking, and experiencing discomfort, not allowing them to settle.

Not only does regular grooming preserve your pet’s health, the physical act of caring and nurturing your dog builds and strengthens a strong emotional bond and relationship between the two of you. Persistent grooming and wellness checks will raise the chances of identifying any irregularities and detecting any early signs of possible serious medical complications. Those pets who are neglected suffer from many ailments, undergo serious health issues, and experience negative effects on their behavior and temperament.  There are numerous benefits to grooming and if your dog is regularly touched and cared for by you and hopefully sees a groomer regularly, it will contribute so much to their comfort level and strengthen them in many situations.