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Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare
1 visit $36
5 day pass $33/day
10 day pass $32/day
20 day pass $31/day
30 day pass $30/day
Saturday or Half Day $20
One Month Unlimited* $500
Meet and Greet                 $15

*Monday - Friday only for one calendar month

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Overnight Stays (includes the day)

Overnight Stays in Suites (includes the day)

Holiday rates are $10 extra

*Please drop off before 4 pm when boarding*

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Grooming Services

Self-Serve Wash- $15 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday for Walk-in: Wednesday & Thursday by appointment only)
Teeth Brushing $5
Ear Cleaning $5
Nail Clipping $15

Sudsy Bath

Includes bath, coat conditioner and drying.  Your choice of Fresh or Oatmeal Shampoo and Oatmeal Conditioner.  Prices based on size and length of hair of dog.

Small      $20
Medium  $25
Large & Long hair  $30
Extra Large  $35

Basic Brush Out (15 minutes) $20

Bath Packages

Includes Sudsy Bath plus Nails, Teeth brushing, and Ear Cleaning

Small      $30
Medium  $35
Large & Long hair  $40
Extra Large  $45

Pampered Pooch - services with our groomer by appointment Thursdays 9-5

Full Bath including Ears, Nails and Anal Glands
Small- starts at  $35
Medium- starts at $40
Large-starts at $45
Extra Large- starts at $50

Advanced Bath- Full Bath plus $10. Includes full bath and grooming the feet, face, and tail.

Groom/De-Shed- Includes haircut, bath, ear cleaning, and nail trim.  Teeth brushing and anal glands by request for an extra $5 fee.

Small-starts at $50
Medium- starts at $60
Large- starts at $70
Extra Large- starts at $80

Inquire about special requests.

*All Prices are subject to change if dogs are matted*



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