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Humans aren’t the only ones who love to be pampered at the spa! We offer spa services that will leave your special canine feeling like a five-star-serviced pup. Whether your dog only needs a little nail trim or a full wash and groom, our trained spa attendants will take care of all of your pet’s needs.

We create a relaxing environment for your pup at our clean and comfortable spa. We also offer the choice of professional treatments or you can use our self-service stations if you want to bathe your dog yourself but don’t want to cause a mess in your bathroom.


Your dog’s hygiene is about a lot more than just looking and smelling good; it’s also about keeping them healthy and happy with freshly clipped nails, well-maintained teeth and cleaned ears. Our team takes the time to make sure your dog is clean, and if you’re bathing them yourself, will guide you through using everything and cleaning up after.

Our spa offers the following services;

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Fluff dry and brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing

We firmly believe that clipping your dog’s nails is something best left up to the professionals. Our highly trained spa attendants will keep your dog still and know just how far to snip to get nails trimmed without hurting your pup. Meanwhile, dental hygiene is important to your dog’s overall health, as is ear cleaning, which is also offered at Dogtopia of San Marcos.


Those funny videos online of at-home doggie baths may be exaggerated but show some truth. Bathing your dog at home can be an ordeal that leaves your washroom a mess and both you and your dog stressed. At Dogtopia of San Marcos, our facilities feature a do-it-yourself dog washing area with custom-made tubs that are suited to dogs of all sizes. You can bring your own supplies, but you don’t need to as we have shampoo, conditioner and everything you will need on-site. Plus, our team will even take care of the clean-up for you. We also offer a number of drying options if your dog is nervous about loud noises.


Grooming by Paige, our fabulous groomer and stylist, is available by appointment only. Fill out our contact form or call (760) 659-3298 to book your dog’s next session. Our grooming services include:

• Pads, face, feet & tail trims

  • Breed-specific cuts or trims (or to your own specifications)
  • De-shed treatments
  • Shave downs, de-matting
  • Pampered pooch specials
  • All grooms come with a bath, coat conditioner, nail trim and ear cleaning


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