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Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare
1 visit $35
3 day pass $33/day
5 day pass $32/day
10 day pass $31/day
20 day pass $30/day
30 day pass $28/day
Saturday, Sunday or Half Days

One Month Unlimited*



*Monday - Friday only for one calendar month

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Overnight Stays
$20 per night + daycare fee

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Grooming Services

Sudsy Bath

Includes brush out, bath, coat conditioner, drying, finishing mist cologne (on request).  Choice of Fresh or Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. Prices vary based on size, length of hair and amount of brushing. Our bath price always includes a nail trim and ear cleaning

Small Breeds (1 - 15 lbs.) - $20 - $30

Medium Breeds (15 -35 lbs.) - $25 - $35

Large Breeds (35 -75 lbs.) $35 - $45

Extra Large Breeds (75 lbs. +) - $45 - $60

Pampered Groom

Includes the above PLUS a cut & style, nail trim, ear cleaning & gland expression. Choice of Fresh or Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. Prices vary based on size, breed/breed cut, length and condition of hair and amount of brushing.

Small Breeds (1 - 15 lbs.) - $45 - $60

Medium Breeds (15 -35 lbs.) - $45 - $60

Large Breeds (35 -75 lbs.) $60 - $80

Extra Large Breeds (75 lbs. +) - $80 - $100+

The Ultimate Groom

Includes the above PLUS teeth brushing and a facial scrub.  Choice of Fresh or Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.

$55 - $90+

Prices vary based on size, breed/breed cut, length and condition of hair and amount of brushing.

The Hygiene Package

Includes brush out, bath, conditioner, nail trim, teeth brushing, glands, & sanitary trim.

$55 - $95+

Prices vary based on size, breed/breed cut, length and condition of hair and amount of brushing

Shave Down (Summer Cut)

Prices vary depending on thickness and length and condition of the coat.

Small Breeds (1 - 15 lbs.) - $35 - $50

Medium Breeds (15 -35 lbs.) - $50 - $70

Large Breeds (35 -75 lbs.) $70 - $90

Extra Large Breeds (75 lbs. +) - $90 - $100+


Specialty trims from facial trims, sani-cuts, paw and pad trims, clean up trims of coat, tail or ears.  Just ask to neaten or trim!


Brush and Blow Outs

Fight matting and tangles, rids excess hair and undercoat - $5



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A la Cart Spa Treatments

Nail Trim - $10

Ear Cleaning - $10

Anal Gland Expression - $10

Teeth Brushing - $10
A two-step process of brushing to remove plaque and tartar, and a fresh-gel to help freshen breath and maintain healthy gums


Spa Services

Shed-Less Treatment - $10 - $30 and up
FURminator® treatment consists of deShedding shampoo that stimulates hair follicles and invigorates circulation, deShedding conditioner is applied to loosen undercoat and loose hair, followed by an extensive brushing/combing and use of the FURminator patented tool to extract loose hair and undercoat, finished brushing/combing.  **Treatment every 4-6 weeks is recommended for maximum effects**

De-Matting - $15/15 minutes
Mats can be damaging and painful; let our professionals handle them gently and safely

Furry Facial Scrub - $5
Cleanse, scrub and brighten your dog’s face with this tearless blueberry facial.  Perfect to help with those eyes and “grubby mouth” stains especially to help brighten and whiten dingy, yellowish fur

Paw-Di-Cure - $15
Paw treatment of a nail trim, buffing, applied paw conditioner and pad trimming if needed. Keep your dog’s paws conditioned, free from drying out and painful cracking with these frequent treatments


Specialty Shampoos
(No Charge!)

Itchy & Scratchy
Our oatmeal shampoo is perfect for dogs suffering from dry, itchy, irritated skin, dandruff and a lackluster coat. Colloidal Oatmeal to cool and heal irritated skin conditions such as hot spots; Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A and E, and other botanical extracts to sooth and moisturize the skin & coat.

Bright White
Brings back the shine and luster of white, cream and ultra-cream coats without any harsh bleach. Tearless and pH-balanced that gently cleans, highlights, conditions and enhances the shine of the coat.

Black Beauty
Deodorizes and enriches dark coats while helping to eliminate red tones, brassiness, and sun fading. Humectant- and emollient-rich formula enriching the hair and skin with pearlescent brighteners to add highlights and sheen to dark and black coats.

Dr Hypo
Tearless & hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin and allergies. Gentle without soap or detergents, but removes odor, dirt and great while leaving a soft conditioned coat and skin.

The Deep Clean
The GRIMEinator is the  ultimate deep cleaning shampoo that softens skin, conditions coat, contains strong deodorizers. Perfect for dogs that suffer from body odor or breeds that have oily and greasy skin conditions.

The Moisturizer
A deep conditioning and moisturizing shampoo that strengthens brittle and overworked hair. Gently moisturizes skin and hair follicles adding volume, shine and luster

Finishing Mist Conditioners
Conditions skin and coats with natural ingredients and fragrance which keeps coat smelling fresh and clean between baths:

Clean and Fresh
Coconut Lime Verbena
Cucumber Melon
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Flea & Tick Treatment - $5 - $20

The Flea & Tick
Kills fleas, ticks and lice with other added natural ingredients for a fast hydrating mild shampoo and other botanicals to heal and moisturize the skin and coat while relieving the itch from flea bites. *Applied by Groomer only**

Please contact us to find out more about our selection of shampoos, conditioners and products. Our groomers will determine which treatment is best suited to your dog.




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