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Full Day: $47
2 days/week: $85/week
3 days/week: $120/week
5 days/week: $185/week

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

At dog daycare at Dogtopia of Coquitlam, we prioritize having a fun and safe environment for your dog to play, socialize, and burn off that excess energy!

When you leave your pup at our dog daycare, you can be sure that they are in good hands and a safe environment. Each of our rooms has one of our dog-loving staff, specially trained in dog behavior, body language, and many different dog breeds, supervising playtime. The knowledge of our staff helps to ensure that we are providing the safest environment for all of our doggy friends.

For your convenience our dog daycare is open on weekdays for drop off at 6:00 am (playtime starts at 7:30 am) and remains open for pick ups until 7:00 pm (playtime ends at 6:00 pm). On weekends and holidays lobby and playrooms are open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

As many dogs are very tired after playing all morning and can become overstimulated and sometimes irritable, we have separate rooms for break time & lunch time for those who eat mid-day. Your pup will be given a 1 hour break, and after their meal has had time to digest, they will be returned to the playroom for more fun with their fur-friends.

Advantages of dog daycare at Dogtopia:

  • Divided Playrooms based on size and temperament
    • Separated by a solid floor to ceiling wall
  • Live webcam feed
    • Watch your dogs play from the comfort of your home or office
  • Specialized, non-slip rubber flooring
    • Helps keep bones and joints happy and healthy
  • Climate-controlled playrooms
    • Helps keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • A covered, fully fenced outdoor area
    • Ensures dogs can play in any weather!

Our employees ensure playtime maintains at a safe, happy level and that no dog is bullied or left out. Our playroom attendants are more than happy to provide lots of love and cuddles for every dog in our facility, maintaining their comfort and happiness during their stay at our dog daycare.

To help provide a safe and happy environment, we have a few requirements for all pups that come to play at our daycare:

  • Be vaccinated for Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper, and Bordetella
  • Be Neutered or Spayed after seven months of age
  • Be dog and people friendly

In order to be sure that your dog will be comfortable and safe playing in our playrooms, we do an evaluation to determine their suitability before their first day of daycare. Contact us at 778-397-1364 to schedule an evaluation for your pup!

If you would like to book your Meet & Greet online NOW: CLICK HERE

We have lots of fun at Dogtopia, and we do our very best to ensure that your dog is ready for a long nap when you come to pick them up! Our days are filled with new friends, running, wrestling, playing on our jungle gyms and sunbathing. We play many games with bubbles, chalk drawings, follow the leader and more throughout the day.


“They are awesome!! Caring, kind, and go above and beyond for dog owners. Best service I’ve ever received. Using their services will be the best choice you’ll ever make for both you and your dog”


  • Sunshine smiles from Texan

  • Happy Vinni

  • Simon

  • Cooper the Goldendoodle

  • Outdoor Play Area for Dogs

    Samson The Pomeranian Giving Us A Smile

  • Chino & Cooper hanging in the gym

  • Riley

  • doggy daycare

    Radar And Ziggy Putting In A Lot Of Effort To Catch That Ball

  • doggy daycare

    Jax's First Birthday

  • Siblings Stella & Brixton

  • Playroom Full Of Things To Do

  • Bamboo

  • Howling Hailey

    Howling Hailey

  • Daisy

  • Baxter

  • Handsome Brody

  • daycare

    Sweet, Sweet Baby

  • daycare

    Happy Hailey

  • daycare

    Beautiful Bandit

  • daycare

    Bouncy Brixton

  • doggy daycare

    Happy Thalia

  • Dog Outdoor Space

    Ziggy The Brittany Spaniel

  • Happy Hank

  • Indoor Dog Play Area

    Violet And Penny Hanging Out On Our Toybox Castle!

  • Cute Clover

  • Callie & Texan getting some cuddles in

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big dog on Dogtopia playroom equipment
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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