We are open and are following strict precautions to ensure the health and safety of our pet parents and team members. Curbside drop off and pick up is in effect, please wait outside front door for one of our team members to collect/return your dog.

Coquitlam Dog Grooming Spa

Get Pampered

Nail Trim: $12
Nail Grind: $17
Teeth Brush: $10
Ear Clean: $10

Squeaky clean, smelling fresh & looking like a million bones.

Are you ready to have your dog looking their best and feeling great? Reserve a grooming or spa appointment and your pup will come home looking, smelling and feeling like a brand new dog!


Full Groom:  Includes bath, blow-dry, haircut, nail trim and ear cleaning

Bath and Tidy:  This service is best between grooms. Includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, light brushing and a trim for the face, paws and “potty patch”

De-shedding:  Tired of dog hair on your furniture and clothes? Let us remove the loose undercoat, your dog will be more comfortable and will have a healthier coat

Anal Gland Expression:  Is your dog showing some uncomfortable body language? Dragging it’s rear on the floor? We can help!


Bath:  Let us take care of this messy job for you! Includes bath, blow-dry and light brushing

Nail Trim or File:  Does your dog ‘click’ on the floors? Time for a trim!

Teeth Brushing:  Regular teeth brushing results in fresher breath and helps improve your dog’s quality of life… and yours!

Ear Cleaning:  Keep ‘em clean and free of nasty infections!

Brushing:  Prevent matting and promote a healthy, shiny coat with regular brushing!

We use top-of-the-line shampoos that are gentle on your dog, are made with natural ingredients and are free of parabens.

For pricing information, click here or call us at 778-397-1364.

  • Before and After of severely matted dog

    Before And After Of Severely Matted Dog

  • doggy daycare

    Reed The Corgi Loving His Bath

  • You Could Make A Whole Other Dog Out Of Kano's Extra Fur

    You Could Make A Whole Other Dog Out Of Kano's Extra Fur

  • dog grooming

    Duke The Portuguese Water Dog During His Bath!

  • dog grooming

    Jax The Cocker Spaniel All Soapy During His Bath!

  • spa

    Our State-Of-The-Art Grooming Spa

  • spa

    Our State-Of-The-Art Grooming Spa

  • Dolly the Doberman fresh & clean after a nice bath

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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