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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Does your dog need a home away from home when you can’t be by their side? Before your next work trip or family vacation, schedule their overnight or extended boarding stay at our brand-new facility, where your pup will have The Most Exciting Day Ever during their time with us. We like to think Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard is a staycation for pups where they can play, learn, socialize, and exercise with their new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) while you’re away.

It is incredibly important that dogs have a safe space to be their best doggie selves, especially since being away from their pet parent can be a stressful experience. Our team recognizes this and wants to assure you that we have taken a number of considerations to keep your dog happy and comfortable. Before your pup’s stay, we always ask our pet parents to try and book at least three days of daycare beforehand, as this will help acclimate dogs to our space, staff, and the other dogs. It will also help teach pups that their pet parents will always be back to pick them up, which can reduce their separation anxiety.


Our team will do everything possible to make sure our Dogtopia feels like a home away from home for your pup while you are away. All our overnight boarding guests will enjoy full use of our playrooms with our daycare dogs during the day for 8-10 hours of play and socialization before getting tucked in for a peaceful night’s rest in one of our home-style crates or upgraded private suites (great for furry siblings who want to stay together). You are also welcome to bring any of their bedding from home for them to sleep with in the evenings, as it can provide a sense of familiarity to their stay.

When you drop off your pup at Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard, they will join the morning crowd of furry friends and form lasting bonds as they play the day away. Our brand-new, 7,000 sq ft. modern facility is a doggie destination with four spacious playrooms, each designed with your pup’s needs in mind. Your dog will be assigned a playroom that matches their size, temperament, and play style.

Smaller pups will love our Toybox, while medium-sized dogs with high energy levels will have a blast in one of two Romper Rooms. Our Gym playroom offers plenty of space to run and play for larger breeds who need plenty of space to burn off energy.

Throughout the day, dogs will enjoy themed photoshoots, fun activity days, and bacon and peanut-butter-flavored bubble parties that our pups love. They will also engage in fun brain games that strengthen their problem-solving abilities, enjoy exercise opportunities using our safe playroom equipment, and get to know the furry friends in their playroom where they will form special bonds.

When noon rolls around, our dogs wrap up their playtime fun and get some much-needed downtime, where they can recharge and feel ready for the rest of their day. We make the pups’ lunch, administer any necessary medication under our pet parents’ direction, and let our pups enjoy dreamland, as they nap in our home-style crates in the same playroom they were just playing in. At 2 p.m., dogs return to playing until our daycare dogs are picked up. Boarding dogs get to fit in a bit more playtime fun until our team prepares dinner for them and gets them ready for bedtime, where they will catch some Zs and feel well-rested for the next day.

Although fun is a top priority at our facility, we also take your pup’s safety and well-being seriously. That’s why each playroom is designed with special attention to detail. Unlike the gravel or cement commonly used in other dog facilities, our playroom floors are made from a compressed rubberized material that maintains cleanliness and aids in the long-term health of dogs’ paw pads, hips, and joints. Plus, the walls in each playroom are soundproof and reach all the way up to the ceiling to create a quiet, distraction-free zone.

We keep our playrooms sparkling clean, too. Our advanced HVAC system ensures that fresh, clean air is always circulating, which helps us maintain a temperature of 65-70 degrees – ideal for playing. We use a special dog-safe cleaner to tidy up throughout the day, and we sanitize our playrooms twice a day to create a clean and safe environment for your furry pal.


Many pet parents like to pre-book spa treatments for their pup to enjoy, as nothing says staycation like some rest and relaxation! With a range of treatments, such as a pampering spa bath, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing, our team of spa experts is prepared to handle it all! By the time you pick them up after their stay with us, they will look and feel like a million bones.

CANINE COACHES AT Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard

At our facility, we ensure that your furry friend receives the utmost attention and care. Our team is passionate about engaging with dogs and wants to give them a memorable experience in our care.

Our expert Canine Coaches closely supervise our playrooms and encourage pups to socialize with other furry friends and engage in our fun activities. Our Coaches organize activities throughout the day and employ positive reinforcement techniques to foster good behavior. Since our Coaches are trained in dog body language, they are quick to respond with compassion if any doggie issues arise. They have undergone rigorous training approved by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

We also understand that as a pet parent, you want to know how your furry family member is doing while they are with us. That’s why we provide occasional report cards that evaluate your pup’s behavior and the list of furry friends they made. These report cards are a great way for you to stay informed about your pup’s experience and see the progress they are making.

We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for your furry family member, and our Coaches are dedicated to ensuring that every interaction is approached with kindness and compassion.


While your dogs are in daycare with us, you can check up on them throughout your day via our live HD webcams accessible on our website or free Dogtopia app! Our webcams are located in all four playrooms, and you can catch all the fun during playtime hours. We only turn them off during lunchtime and overnight to give our dogs some privacy while recharging.


We prioritize creating a welcoming environment for all dogs that come to our facility. We take safety seriously and require a Meet & Greet assessment before your pup can join our off-leash play area.

Our expert evaluators will conduct a thorough wellness check to ensure that your dog is in good health. We’ll review their medical history and examine them from nose to tail. To become part of our Dogtopia Squad, your dog must be at least 12 weeks old and have up-to-date vaccinations, including DHLPP, Bordetella, Rabies, and other necessary vaccinations. Additionally, dogs over seven months old must be spayed or neutered.

During this quick yet thorough evaluation, we’ll create a mini play area where your dog can play with other pups that match their size and temperament. Our team will also observe their behavior, how they interact with other dogs, and how they respond to our staff. It’s also a great opportunity for us to assess your dog’s comfort level with our home-style crates, which we use for naptime and overnight (unless you’ve opted for one of our private suites).

We want your furry friend to have a positive and enjoyable experience at our facility. That’s why we take the time to get to know your dog and ensure they are comfortable before joining us. We want our pet parents to rest assured that all pups are in expert hands and will be treated with the utmost care and attention.


If you are a pet parent from Tinseltown, Southside, Baymeadows, Intracoastal West, Jacksonville Beach, St Johns County, Deerwood, Town Center, Duval County, or the surrounding areas, our team, including owners Gabriela and Aaron Lynch cannot wait to meet you and your furry family member!

We are located at 11300 Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida, and you can find us off the 295 & Beach Boulevard, near St Johns Bluff Road. We have ample parking for pet parents, and within our plaza, you will find a CVS and Winn Dixie Supermarket, which makes any extra errands you need to run a breeze after dropping your pup off.

Going on a trip? We are on the way to Jacksonville International Airport and we can also be a stop on your way to Hanna Park Campground. If you want a dog-free home for the night as you spend your day in the city, you can drop them off before visiting the Jacksonville Zoo, St. Johns Town Center, Beaches Town Center, MOSH, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, and other attractions in Jacksonville.

If it looks like a fun staycation is on your pup’s horizon, contact our team today, so we can get the process started. If you have questions about boarding, you can use our online inquiry form. Otherwise, you can reach our friendly and knowledgeable team at (904) 493-4933.

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