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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Did you know dogs attending daycare at Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard can expect to average 30,000-60,000 steps in a day? This incredible number is a testament to all the playing, learning, exercising, and socializing pups enjoy at our state-of-the-art facility! Dogs lounging at home average around 8,000 steps per day and may miss out on important opportunities to strengthen their physical and mental health or build special bonds that help promote positive behavior, such as the confidence to face unfamiliar situations with new furry friends.

Your pup will love running around in our off-leash, open play indoor environment where our passionate team of experts will help them become even greater canine citizens through agility-focused exercises that are designed to be enjoyable, and brain games that develop their problem-solving skills and reduce boredom. Targeting their minds and bodies helps strengthen their cardio level, reduce anxiety and stress, and boost their overall well-being, positively impacting how they approach life beyond our playrooms.

We place great emphasis on socialization at Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard, which allows our doggie guests to interact and play with their Best Furry Friends Forever (BFFFs) and develop the confidence needed to handle new situations. Dogs are social animals who enjoy engaging with both humans and other pups. We promote their mental and physical well-being by creating a secure space for them to learn crucial social skills and burn off energy. Socialization also allows dogs to tap into their natural pack instinct, forming strong bonds with a steady group of furry friends.

Additionally, daycare dogs can take part in our bacon and peanut butter-flavored bubble parties, photoshoots with themed props that make for adorable photos you will want to share with everyone, Arts & Crafts activity days, and treat days that add a tasty surprise to your dog’s day.

We have both half and full-day daycare options available that can align with your schedule and weekly wellness plans that add structure to your pup’s routine. Our affordable plans provide a daycare schedule that your furry family member will look forward to each time they visit our facility.


Our modern, state-of-the-art 7,000 sq ft. facility has been designed with your dog’s needs in mind. We have four spacious indoor playrooms where supervised pups are free to roam off-leash with their furry friends that share their size, temperament, and play style. Here’s a breakdown of our playrooms:

  • Toybox: Best for our small pups that want to be eye-level with their BFFFs
  • Gym: Ideal for larger breeds to have plenty of space to run and play without feeling cramped or confined.
  • Romper Rooms: Medium-sized dogs can let their energetic play style run wild and bond with other like-minded furry friends in one of these two playrooms.

Splitting our daycare dogs up based on these characteristics provides a comforting space to be themselves around other pups that match their playtime vibe. As they enjoy 8-10 hours of play, they will feel comfortable in their own fur. Come and see for yourself why our doggie play spaces are the talk of the town!


Each playroom has several elements that make it both unique and highly functional. Starting with the floor – rather than using gravel or cement like other dog facilities, we use a compressed rubberized material that maintains cleanliness and aids in the long-term health of dogs’ paw pads, hips, and joints. This non-absorbent material also helps keep any pesky smells away and makes “in-the-moment” cleanups a breeze. Our playrooms also use full, floor-to-ceiling walls that keep our furry guests separate from dogs in other rooms. Doing so helps keep any distractions at a minimum but also helps contain any possible airborne doggie viruses. Compared to fencing or flimsy dividers, our playrooms are secure and easier to supervise. Our double-barrier doors also provide extra protection to keep your pup safe.

At Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard, we ensure that our entire facility has clean air circulating throughout it. Despite being a large facility filled with dogs, you’d never know that through scent alone, thanks to our top-of-the-line HVAC systems. Adding this advanced system to our facility also helps us keep each playroom climate-controlled to a comfortable 65-70 degrees throughout the day. No matter what the weather is outside, playtime is always a go here!

Cleanliness is incredibly important to us at Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard. Our team follows the strict guidelines set by Dogtopia’s Environmental Biologist and Veterinary Scientist to ensure that our playrooms are kept clean throughout the day and maintain their quality. Using doggie-safe cleaning products, we sanitize playroom surfaces twice a day and take care of any accidental potty mishaps that may occur using a bio-enzymatic cleaner for spot cleaning. Removing any possibility of hazardous chemicals in our cleaning process helps ensure pups can immediately get back to the fun after each clean.

We understand that leaving your furry friend can be difficult, which is why we offer webcams in each playroom. Pet parents can tune in via our website or mobile app to watch their furry friend have fun during playtime hours. Our webcams provide high-definition video and are only turned off when it’s time for pups to eat and nap.


Our daycare provides pet parents with more than just a place to leave their dogs for the day. They will learn valuable skills, including how to behave around humans and other dogs, while thriving in a structured environment where they can socialize with others, learn new things, stay active and have fun.

Our indoor playrooms offer a convenient solution for those who lack the space at home to provide their pups with adequate exercise and play. We accommodate dogs of all breeds and sizes, and our playrooms provide a safe and secure environment for your furry friend to run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. After a full day of play and stimulation, your pup will be tired out and ready for a good night’s sleep – something we like to call the Dogtopia Daze.

Playrooms at Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard include our expert team of Canine Coaches there to supervise and ensure your pup’s safety. All Canine Coaches must complete a comprehensive four-part training program developed by Dogtopia’s registered Canine Behaviorist, which has been approved by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Our Coaches are responsible for supervising the pups in each playroom while at the same time encouraging play, exercise, socialization, and learning. Thanks to their training, our Coaches can quickly identify any changes in body language or behavior and can prevent any potential playtime incidents before they happen.

Experts in managing large groups of dogs, regardless of their size or breed, our Coaches have the skills to communicate effectively with pups and understand their unique needs. This important aspect is why regular daycare is highly beneficial, as our Coaches can learn your dog’s personality and preferences, which can enhance their daycare experience each time. By staying close to your furry friend throughout the day and engaging in all the fun activities, our Coaches can provide you with periodic report cards that detail your dog’s behavior and the new friends they’ve made. As a bonus, we include helpful tips on replicating the training we provide in daycare at home for our regular guests.


Once your furry friend arrives in their designated playroom, they will be greeted with a fun-filled day of activities and exercises that will keep them entertained and engaged. As they interact with other dogs, they’ll form close bonds and develop social skills, leading to a happy and healthy pup.

When it’s time for lunch and a nap at noon, your pup will take a well-deserved break in the same playroom they are in, where they can rest and recharge. Our team will also administer any necessary medication, as directed by pet parents, and sanitize surfaces to ensure your pup is always in a clean and safe environment.

After this rest period, your pup’s energy will be revitalized. At 2 p.m., they will resume their exciting day with all the fantastic activities we have planned, and by the end of their stay, your furry friend will be tired and content, ready to curl up with you and enjoy some quality cuddle time.

For an extra treat, many of our furry guests also enjoy a spa treatment during their stay. With a range of pampering services, including doggie bath time massages, nail trims, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing, your pup will look and feel their best after our team pampers them to the max.

SAFETY MEASURES AT DOGTOPIA OF Jacksonville Beach Boulevard

We believe in providing a friendly atmosphere for all dogs that come through our doors. Safety is our top priority, and we require a Meet & Greet assessment before allowing any pups to join our off-leash play area.

Our trained evaluators will conduct a comprehensive wellness check from nose to tail and review your dog’s medical history. Please note of the following requirements:

  • All dogs must be at least 12 weeks old
  • Vaccinations, including DHLPP, Bordetella, Rabies, and others, must be up to date.
  • Dogs over seven months old must be spayed or neutered.

During this evaluation, we’ll create a mini play area where your dog can interact with other pups of similar size and temperament. We will closely observe their behavior, response to our staff’s interaction, and reaction to their new furry friends. This is also an excellent opportunity for us to check your dog’s comfort level with our comfortable, home-style crates, which we use for their nap and during overnight boarding.

Our Meet & Greet assessment helps us better understand your dog’s needs and behavior. We can answer any questions you may have and provide a tour of our facility during this time. We want you to feel confident that your dog is in good hands while in our care.

We also follow Dogtopia’s Commitment to Safety, which includes:

  • Making a difference in our community by partnering with the Dogtopia Foundation, which supports various charitable programs such as service dogs for veterans, youth literacy programs, and employment initiatives for adults with autism.
  • Creating an opportunity for your furry friend to enjoy 8-10 hours of playtime fun in our safe and open play space.
  • Our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional experiences and services to both pet parents and their beloved dogs.
  • Using only the best and safest dog-friendly cleaning products for our in-store cleaning protocols.
  • Promising to treat every dog that walks through our doors like a cherished extended family member.


Our entire team At Dogtopia of Jacksonville Beach Boulevard, including owners Aaron and Gabriela Lynch, cannot wait to meet you and your furry family member in our modern space.

If you are a pet parent living or working near our facility, such as around Deerwood, Town Center, Tinseltown, Southside, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Golf & Country, Durbin Park, Gate Parkway, E-town, Windsor Park, Queens Harbor, Pablo Creek, and many other neighborhoods, we are a convenient commute, as we are located off 295 & Beach Boulevard, near St Johns Bluff Road.

We are located in the St Johns Square 1 Plaza, where you will find a Winn Dixie Supermarket, CVS Pharmacy, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Baileys Health & Fitness Gym nearby. If you are on the way to Jacksonville Golf & Country Club or the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to spend the day, our facility is on the way. We are also only a short drive from the University of North Florida and Florida State College of Jacksonville; dropping your pup off before a day of classes has never been easier! With parking available by our location, we have made drop-off and pick-up incredibly convenient for pet parents.

We are proud small business owners in our community, and we greatly appreciate the local relationships we’ve made with The University of North Florida’s Campus Canines, the Jacksonville Humane Society, Jacksonville Sharks, K-9 for Warriors, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.


We can’t wait to speak with you and have your pup take the next step on their wellness journey with us. You can reach out to our friendly team at (904) 493-4933. If you have questions about daycare or any other services, use our handy online inquiry form.

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