dog-gone-problemsWe all want our dog to be the best they can be, so we’ve partnered with Dog Gone Problems to bring dog training classes to Dogtopia!  David Codr and his team are some of the best in the business and we are excited to have partnered with them to offer these courses.  David has trained and rehabilitated over 2,000 dogs and travels around the country to provide his services. We are currently offering two puppy-aged classes and will be expanding upon that in the future, check back for updates!

Class Descriptions:


Puppy 101/102:

Sit Down and Listen Up: Crates, Clickers and Basic Commands

Focus: Crate training and basic commands

In this four week course, you will train your puppy to enjoy its crate and respond to basic verbal and gestural commands. As a beginner’s course, we set you off on the right foot by showing you how to communicate in a way your puppy understands and respects and help them lessen anxiety through responding to you. Perfect for the new puppy as well as the new guardian.

Puppy 201/202:

Respect and Response: Staying and Walking at an Intermediary Level

Focus: Focus on guardian on command, learning to stay, basic leash manners
In this four week course, you will continue on the journey of training your puppy to listen and respond to your commands. Through learning to focus on the owner, stay in place and loose-leash walk, puppies and owners alike will work towards our advanced course in shaping behaviors.

Private training also available by appointment only.

Contact Us for details on upcoming classes:

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