Allergies are extremely common in dogs and many owners accept them, whether it is small like an occasional itch or more significant or severe like hot spots or wheezing. Depending on the condition or diagnosis, your vet may prescribe anti-allergy drugs, anti-viral medications or antibiotics with side effects and high costs, however in lots of circumstances, there are much safer ways to reduce or eliminate your dog’s allergy symptoms. Allergies that may not seem like a big deal now may be with your dog for the rest of their lives and pose potential health problems.

The most common allergies found are food allergies and environmental allergies. Although your pet may have been eating the same food for years or for an extended amount of time, lots of pets develop an allergy over time to their own food or certain ingredients in the food like certain grains or carbs.  It is important to figure out the source of the allergies and the problem so it is detrimental to go to your vet and do some allergy tests.

Environmental allergens are grasses, pollen, indoor mold, cleaning chemicals, dust mites, wool, etc. It is important to figure out the allergies before your dog’s sensitivity and reactions increase. Some tricks to use for potential environmental allergies are to switch to non-toxic cleaning supplies. Don’t over vaccinate your dog because their immune system may be over reactive and more susceptible to allergic conditions and reactions.

Bathing your dog regularly with a high quality, medicinal shampoo and conditioner along with paw soaks may benefit your dog’s skin and coat.

Aloe Vera gel has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and fungal properties that reduces discomfort oatmeal brings fast relief to any irritated spots as well. Apple cider vinegar can treat rashes and itching that can be caused by yeast infection. Coconut oil contributes to a healthy coat and skin and has lots of added benefits like digestion and immune support. Plain yogurt is also a great idea to add to your pets diet every day or two to keep yeast infections away and keep your dog’s gut in balance and boost the immune system. It is up to us parents to pin point and treat our dogs as soon as possible to reduce spreading it around, and to reduce and eliminate any discomfort they developed to give them their best life!