As a dog daycare, over the last three years, we have had the pleasure of fostering a handful of amazing pups from Second Chance Dog Rescue to provide an open play, fun, caring environment for them while they attend various adoption events or are in the process of getting adopted. Rescues and foster organizations are always looking for new foster parents so that they can rescue as many more dogs as possible. Normally the fostering organization supplies you with most things you will need like leashes, bowls, bedding, flea medicine, etc. and your pup will already have the medical attention it needs or will inform you of any upcoming appointments for medications or procedures like neutering or micro-chipping. Normally you can meet with a foster counselor or research online different potential dogs to take home. The foster companies can try to accommodate for you like favorite breeds, temperaments, ages, and sizes so that you can try to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

As a foster parent you are responsible to take care of that dog while they are in the process of getting adopted, whether that is caring them for the time being between adoption events or waiting for them to recover from any medical conditions or just caring for them as they grow up and get their first vaccinations. Socialization is great for fosters however you may need to take it slow or in a different direction depending on the dog’s past and present comfort level. Some foster parents may be responsible for transportation to and from meet and greets, vet appointments, and events with potential adoption parents.

The organizations rely on their caring foster families to provide them with updates, bios, and as much information as possible on the dogs to help relay that to the public to get the pups adopted out as soon as possible. Many foster parents become extra lucky and can’t help but falling in love with and adopting their own fosters. Many foster parents get involved in their foster dog’s adoption process and can even keep in contact with the parents with pictures or updates!  There are countless fosters and rescue organizations you can research and be a part of. Some popular ones include: Second Chance Dog Rescue, San Diego Humane Society, Baja Animal Sanctuary, Labs and More, Angels Foster Family Network, Helen Woodward, The Barking Lot, and many more!