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3121 Colvin Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

4.7 Star Rating - 211 reviews

I like how your staff is attentive to the dogs and cares about them.
I also appreciate that when you change your price and I object to the amount of the change,
your staff brings my complaint to your attention and makes the necessary adjustments.

Check-in and check-out is friendly and efficient. Items are marked and returned in good order. And my dog didn’t want to leave – that says something! 🙂

– My dog is well taken care of
– I can bring my own food and shampoo for him
– They have cameras
– Everyone who works there is very friendly
– It doesn’t smell bad like other doggy day cares i have been to
– My dog comes home nice and tired lol he loves seeing his friend

Cameras (inconsistent, but glad they’re an option)
Friendly Staff

Dropping off & picking up dog can take too long, people are not always taken care of in order of arrival.

Front desk becomes chaotic when there are too many dogs waiting to be taken into the back.

Over-boisterous and larger dogs are too often allowed to jump other dogs repeatedly before taken into timeout. (based on webcam observation).

Weekend hours are not early enough – requiring an extra night of boarding if an early start is required for a Saturday.

Very organized! I like that my smaller dog is in a room with small dogs. The employees are very polite.

We really value the expertise and enthusiasm that Dogtopia staff bring to entertaining and caring for dogs. It always feels like they understand these are members of our families. Our dog has chronic health issues and we are grateful knowing that she is well taken care of in boarding at Dogopia when we go out of town.

Camera connection

Meet and Greet was not conducted professionally. We came in punctually at 9am on a Saturday, and was expecting it to finish by about 10am. We asked the evaluator but she was vague about how long it’ll take but online it mentioned that the evaluation would take about 45min. The evaluator called at 10am but instead of telling us to pick our dog up, she was asking questions about our dog’s behaviour and told us that the evaluation hasn’t started. We had to hang around the area till past noon, upon which she called and said the evaluation was done, but to avoid picking up and disturbing the dogs from 1 to 2pm. Hello? We have plans for the afternoon and don’t have the entire Saturday wait for the evaluator to finish her work. She really should have planned better and provided better advice about how long it’ll take her.

My Sancho had become a part of the Dogtopia family. They all know him and are excited to see him. Even though he can be a bit naughty. 🙂

Dogtopia of Alexandria

Looking for a place where your four-legged family member will receive five-star treatment? Look no further! Dogtopia is an open play dog daycare, boarding facility, and spa. Basically, we’re your one-stop shop to spoil your dog! Our friendly and knowledgeable team is highly trained in providing both dogs and their parents with a safe, healthy and fun environment.

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