If Dogtopia had a middle name, it would be SAFETY! Our climate-controlled playrooms are deep cleaned and sanitized with pet-friendly cleaning supplies throughout the day. Contact us today to learn more about the Dogtopia difference!

Alexandria Reviews

3121 Colvin Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

4.7 Star Rating - 225 reviews

Some days it seems like the dog to staff ratio is too high, the cameras frequently don’t work in the room my dog stays in, & my dog has crate anxiety but is only placed in the correct crate about 50% of the time. Overall, we are happy & he seems to like it there. The day spa option is also a great service!

Thank you for the clear information and for the extra care on my dog’s first day.

I’m confident that I will be more likely to recommend Dogtopia, once our dog, Clover, has had a few visits (she just passed her eval and has not yet boarded or spend a day at daycare. We did, however, appreciate our initial visit on 8/1/21 and were well taken care of by Marcos.
Stay tuned!

Clean, well organized facility. Dogs’ health, safety and comfort priorities.

The whole concept. Giving the dogs something INTERESTING to do!
How much better is that than sitting in a kennel, waiting for your next 5-minute walk!
If I were a dog, I’d certainly go for it! .

Staff are very responsive and friendly. Our Scottie has a great time playing with the other pups.

The staff are absolutely wonderful with Lily. And it is nice to have a safe, social interactive environment that Lily can be in. Social interaction with other dogs and humans is important to me so that Lily does not fall into a rut. The webcams are additional perk to just peek in to see what she is up to. Grooming and spa services are another reasonably priced perk. Pass packages work the best for us.

The staff is great, they care for my dog like it’s their own

Keep webcams on all day instead of turning off mid day. Save left over food doesn’t seem to work.

Great play areas

Dogtopia of Alexandria

Looking for a place where your four-legged family member will receive five-star treatment? Look no further! Dogtopia is an open play dog daycare, boarding facility, and spa. Basically, we’re your one-stop shop to spoil your dog! Our friendly and knowledgeable team is highly trained in providing both dogs and their parents with a safe, healthy and fun environment.

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