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925 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, California 92078

4.9 Star Rating - 230 reviews

Very friendly and our dog loves it here.

The staff is very friendly and cares very much about the dogs in their care.

The staff is always very attentive and friendly – my Lucy has gone there for playtime now over 8 years and is always happy to return

Caring staff and my bulldog had a great time!

The prices are just becoming too much for us. We do the Monday through Friday thing, and the benefit to that is not helping quite as much. Will have to stop attending soon, although my dog loves it!

Also, this is probably out of your control, but the traffic getting in and out of the San Marcos location just gets worse and worse.

They are awesome!

Positive attitude from staff & recognizing my dog by name.

The communication was great, and everybody very friendly. The facility very clean and clearly everyone there loves dogs.

I love how friendly and understanding they are with my dog. He is very timid at drop off and the way they hype him up is truly my favorite part. They know the dogs by name which goes to show you how much attention they give the dogs while in their care. Bruce always comes out the happiest after spending a day at daycare, getting to socialize is a safe environment like Dogtopia is truly remarkable. Iv seen other daycares but non of them are as focused on the dog being able to do things as them. I love the crafts that they do and the photos! Dogtopia takes care of my dog the way I would at home and that’s saying a lot because Bruce is spoiled. They don’t have a “it’s just a dog” mentality, you can tell they understand that for some of us that dog is our everything. And I feel so comfortable having my Dog go to Dogtopia!!!

The staff is always friendly and love to see my pup. I like that there is video available to see that my dog is enjoying her time there too.

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