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Alexandria Reviews

3121 Colvin Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

4.7 Star Rating - 217 reviews

The first try the cameras went off at 11:30 and we had only dropped him off at 11:15 so we didn’t see him on the camera much.
I didn’t expect the cameras to go off until 12:00. My notice on the computer said “they were going to sleep” at 11:30 (that was on labor day 9/5)

I watched him on the computer today. There seem to be a lot of dogs in the one room. I counted 25. That was a lot of activity for him at once. One of the caregivers seemed to be very careful about interacting with the dogs, the other caregiver just walked around and they followed him. It was hard to watch him so desperate for attention.

I also didn’t get feedback on whether he went to the bathroom or if he ate or not. It would be nice to know that. I’m sure that’s alot to keep track of with so many dogs, but for a first time user I was really anxious about whether or not he was comfortable going potty.

I do appreciate that you kept him safe and I’m sure we will be back. I have to work on bathroom stamina because usually he is home during the day and can go out every 2-3 hours so I hope he didn’t have too many accidents and I’m also afraid that will transfer to accidents at home. He came to dogtopia monday and tuesday had a bathroom accident in my house which he hasn’t done in 7 months.

The location is wonderful and the staff is courteous out front. And the price is fair. Hopefully as he continues to go it will get easier on both of us.

Facility looks good and full of safety measures. The staff were professional, kind, and caring.

Friendly staff. Good area for dogs

-always accommodating, especially for last minute boarding

-efficient, even when it seems to be short staffed, everyone stays calm and organized

-clean, safe, friendly but professional atmosphere

I don’t like the new price structure. I have my pet visit often. And, often for long periods. I can’t always bring him weekly.

Daisy had a terrific visit to Dogtopia Alexandria. We could relax on vacation knowing that Daisy was so well taken care of.

Friendly staff members who love dogs.

Sometimes there is a delay when I arrive to get my dog. Otherwise, happy with the overall service.

The staff is very friendly and I feel that my dog is being cared for.

My dog loves it there

Dogtopia of Alexandria

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